Casual Friday





I work for a consulting firm where the dress code is typically business casual, so technically I can wear jeans whenever I want, but as someone who permanently looks like a college freshman, I like to dress up a little bit more during the week to project a more polished image. This Friday, I opted for jeans and colorful staples, but paired with structured pieces, kept the look office appropriate.

Fashion articles constantly tell you to invest in a “structured bag” for the working world, and I cannot agree more. I received this Michael Kors bag for Christmas the first year I was in the workforce and I feel so much more professional carrying it to meetings rather than dragging around a laptop bag or fumbling around attempting to balance a purse and notebook. When selecting a structured bag, make sure that the material is strong enough to keep its shape and look for little details such as feet on the bottom that will help protect it from wear and tear. Ideally, you should try and find one that can hold your laptop, and hasĀ pockets on the sides where you can easily store your cellphone. Bags that have zippers on the top are also fantastic so that you don’t spill the contents of your purse if you slam on your breaks in the car or it gets knocked over on the metro!

Bag | Michael Kors

Pumps | Aldo

Denim | Forever 21

Top | Forever 21

Statement Necklace | Target

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