6 Tips For Combating The Sunday Scaries


The Sunday Scaries are real, and they’re terrible. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s a cute name for the intense anxiety that sets in on Sunday afternoons about the impending work week ahead. The Sunday Scaries often keep me up late at night and create this horrible pit in my stomach that makes me question pretty much everything in existence. If it sounds like I’m exaggerating, I’m not! Anxiety is a struggle – even if you mostly have your shit together at work the thought of upcoming events or what you’re wearing the next day can trigger it. (Chelsea Handler had a great piece in InStyle about anxiety, it’s worth a read.)

Since the Sunday Scaries are pretty unbearable, I’ve come up with a few ways to try and beat them. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t – but it’s definitely worth giving them a shot if you experience weekend anxiety as well!

Side note: I wore this rose embroidered dress from Zaful out to dinner (see tip #5) to try and cure my Sunday Scaries after our trip to Seaside. You might recognize it from my off the shoulder dress roundup! Embroidery is so in right now and I love that it elevated a silhouette that everyone is wearing to make the piece a bit more memorable. Plus at $20, it’s a major steal.

Tips for combatting Sunday Scaries:

  1. Cut back on the booze on Saturday: waking up with a hangover is never fun, and the combination of not feeling great mixed with thoughts of “did I do anything stupid last night?” Is definitely not going to make you feel like your best self! Sometimes, my anxiety is so bad when I’m hungover that I make gerald take me on a walk around the neighborhood and tell me that I’m not a waste of space just to make me feel better. (IDK why he puts up with me either)
  2. Get up and start your day early: I get it, weekends are your time to sleep in, but if you can accomplish grocery shopping and a workout before noon, you’re going to feel so productive and then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want!
  3. Get a workout in: Elle Woods was right, working out increases your endorphins and happy people don’t kill their husbands! Just kidding, but getting in a weekend workout will help relieve stress and release those feel good endorphins to help combat the Sunday blues
  4. Meal prep for the week: there is something SO satisfying about seeing all of those Tupperware containers lined up in your fridge! Meal prepping isn’t just for body builders, to me it’s as simple as making my lunches for the week to take to work. It feels good knowing that getting ready in the morning will go faster and that I’m saving money AND eating healthier during the work week
  5. Plan something fun: Gerald and I love going to dinner or the movies on Sunday nights. Planning a fun activity takes your mind off the next day and by the time we get home I’m usually so full or tired I konk out. If we don’t go out, I like to make a big dinner for us because we don’t typically eat together during the week
  6. Clean your house: I bitch about cleaning, but having a tidy apartment helps create a sense of zen for me and I’m always happy I did it afterwards. Plus having a full closest of clean clothes makes getting dressed in the morning easier!

Do you have any tips for combatting the Sunday Scaries? I’d love to hear!

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Beach Hair, Don’t Care


The manfriend and I just got back from a trip to Seaside, Florida and I’m in serious denial. I’ve since declared the southern beach town my happy place. (Stay tuned for a guide on what to do down there!)

Since Seaside is a beach town, it was just as appropriate for someone to roll up to dinner in shorts and a t-shirt versus wedges and a dress. This beachy look was one of my more casual dinner outfits, but I loved the fun print on this Zaful off-the-shoulder top!

To elevate my look, I added my favorite lace-up heels and honestly didn’t realize how long my legs looked until I saw these photos. I was wondering if it looked a little silly to pair heels with jean shorts, but from now on, I’ll definitely consider adding a block heel to my more casual looks. You can’t really tell from the photos, but I also added a swipe of green eyeliner on top just for fun!

The best part about this look? This top is under $20! It also comes in red with the palm print. On the site, it says that it is “one size fits all” and while the top is very stretchy, I’d say it would probably be good for women who are a S or M and not super busty. For reference, I typically order size S from Zaful.

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RoseGal Bikini Wish List

Apparently, I go through clothing phases where I’m fixated on one particular item. A few months ago it was bodysuits, once it was jumpsuits, and now it’s bikinis. Last year, I felt really uncomfortable about my body so I only bought one pieces, but as I become more comfortable in my own skin, I’m back to shopping for bikinis!  Side note: bikinis are for everyone. One of my favorite quotes is “how to get a bikini body – 1) have a body 2) put a bikini on”.

There are SO many websites out there now offering swimsuits, but I’ve been ordering a lot from RoseGal lately! We all know swimsuits don’t hold up for too many seasons, so I’m all about affordable options. Plus at these prices, you can order a ton! Some of my favorites are below but the site has a TON of options. They also have some super cute towels and throws that are super Instagrammable.

When ordering swimsuits online, make sure you check the sizing guide, each of the brands tend to fit differently. I also like checking on Instagram to see what “real people” are wearing and making my decisions based off of their body types!

Scalloped White Bikini

Floral Cut Out Bikini

High Cut Strappy Suit

Sporty Cut Bikini

Palm Print Bikini

Tassel Bikini

Strong Women In Fashion Recap



All photos via Snapshots By Sierra

A little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the Strong Women In Fashion Show benefiting Suited For Change and it was such an amazing event! The show brought together small Georgetown businesses Lili The First, Signature Dresses, Via Umbria, and Illusions of Georgetown to raise money for a great cause and I’m so honored that I was asked to be part of it. Suited for Change is a nonprofit organization that helps women gain financial independence through career coaching, resume workshops, proving professional clothing, and more, and the show sold out so we were able to raise quite a bit for them! The vendors that sponsored the show were absolutely amazing and I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. 

Illusions of Georgetown did all of the models’ hair and makeup and they did a fabulous job. I loved my fancy updo! I’d never had my makeup professionally done before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was definitely fun to try out a completely different look than I’m used to.  While I don’t dye my hair (I’m ashamed to admit I use John Frieda lightening spray in lieu of highlights) I’ve seen the salon work wonders with color treatments and they do some amazing blowouts! I’d highly recommend checking them out for your next cut and color or style.

Lili The First and Signature Dresses provided the looks for the show and they styled an awesome array of looks for all shapes and sizes. My outfit was from Lili and it was actually a top and skirt with 3 different necklaces layered! The boutique specializes in super unique, European-inspired pieces and I’d suggest making a trip there if you want an outfit that no one else in the District will have. Signature is obviously a formal dress shop and would 100% be my go-to destination if I ever had a need for gowns! 

Via Umbria graciously provided the venue for the show and I can’t wait to go back and drink wine on their rooftop patio. The restaurant features a wide variety of Italian-inspire fare and features wines, cheeses, and more in its marketplace. 

It was so much fun to get to meet and work with so many empowering women for a great cause and I’m super thankful to everyone who came out for the event! Shout out to Mama Collie and my dad for making the trip to see me pretend to be a model ❤

All photos via Snapshots By Sierra

Mastering The Art Of Alone Time


First, let me preface this with I wrote this alone at the bar at Pizza Paradiso, waiting for the manfriend for dinner. About a year ago, this is something that would have absolutely terrified me – sitting alone at a bar that is – but now I (almost) don’t bat an eyelash at it. I want every sassy, empowered woman that reads this blog to be able to do and feel the same, so I wanted to share my tips for mastering the art of being alone with you all. (P.S. I’m sharing this look with you because I fully intended on wearing it on my day of freedom – which you’ll read more about below – but the weather was not cooperating with me.) 

I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as an introvert, but the older I get, the more important alone time becomes to me. Alone time used to mean having the apartment to myself for a few hours while my roommate was out, but now it’s translated to spending time doing things I want to do, without having to adjust my plans for someone’s schedule or take into account that they don’t want to eat this or that. 

This past weekend, the manfriend was out of town for a bachelor party and I had been looking forward to spending a day in the city by myself for literally TWO MONTHS. Between events, guests in town, and traveling, I’ve felt like a chicken with my head cut off running around so I intentionally kept Saturday blocked off even though I had no concrete plans. I  ended up going to Shake Shack and eating lunch by myself, unfortunately going to work for a few hours, then sampling wine at Flight, and finally seeing Beauty and the Beast and it was amazing.

Since the idea of going out somewhere by yourself is scary, I’ve compiled a few tips to help you jump-start your own solo adventure. Who knows, you might love it as much as I do!

  • Start small: going to the movies solo is the best way to adventure out on your own for the first time. The first time I saw a movie alone was because a friend stood me up 20 minutes before showtime and I had won free tickets so I was determined to go. I ended up giving my other ticket to a girl who was also solo behind me and cried through the whole movie because my feelings were so hurt. It turns out,the experience was a good wake-up call to realize that I needed to get comfortable with doing things alone. So, the movies are a good place to venture out solo because a) you get to eat all the popcorn b) it’s way easier to find a good seat for one and c) literally no one cares that you are alone while you’re in the dark 


  • Do your research: you probably don’t want to go to a raging bar by yourself so take the time to look up some low key spots. I’ve found that wine bars and even breweries are great spots to go solo because the bartenders are extremely knowledgeable about what they’re serving, and it’s a great icebreaker to ask what they recommend. Chances are, they’re so excited to talk to someone about something that they are passionate about that you’ll be able to have a fantastic conversation and learn a lot in the process too! 


  • Bring a prop: a book, a phone, gosh even your knitting needles if you’re into that! Bring something to do so that you don’t feel awkward. I personally prefer to bring a book over my phone because someone with their nose in a book is more approachable than someone rapidly shooting out texts. I had a lovely conversation about the book I was reading at flight with my bartender that never would have been sparked if I was furiously shooting texts to anyone who would answer


  • HAVE CONFIDENCE – it might feel like everyone is staring at you, and they might be because you are a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN and they are jealous, but in all reality, they’re probably just checking you out or not paying any attention at all. Own that you are by yourself and enjoy the fact that you can order anything off the menu without catering to your vegetarian friend (guilty, that’s me) and eat all the damn French fries you ordered without having to share 

Enjoy being alone with your thoughts and if you wish, you can shop my look below. It allows for both all of the solo French fries and popcorn consuming 😉 

Dress | Francesca’s

Necklace | Designs by S.E.K.

Shoes | Forever 21 (similar)

Twin Ray Tops Are Bae


Whelp, Twin Ray Apparel has done it again — I am obsessed with their Naomi top. So obsessed, that I ordered it for one of my best friend in white anddd I also got it in nude for myself. White off-the-shoulder tops are a summer staple every girl needs in her wardrobe and I love how unique this piece is! Fun fact: I had to have Gerald tie the sleeves for me, but I think he did a pretty good job! (See the other Twin Ray top I’m obsessed with here.)

One precaution about a white top – especially ones that touch your neck – is that inevitably you are going to get makeup on it. I wear a shit-ton of bronzer, so I always get orange gunk on my white tops! My secret weapon to get the makeup stains out is OxiClean — yes, that laundry stuff from the annoying informercials of our childhood. The stuff is seriously amazing and practically removes every trace of makeup! I also use it on sweat, coffee, and wine stains and it is magical. 

Before you ask, the sleeves ARE attached, but the choker is not and ties in the back. Personally, I think that the choker makes the top, but it’s nice to have the option to not wear it for a different look! I wore this outfit to a cocktail party at the House of Glam (aka Glass Of Glam‘s adorable apartment) where we drank entirely too much champagne but it was the perfect look for a fun night. Side note, all of our men (aka Instagram husbands) came too and are now friends and it was so much fun to see them goof around together! Shop my look below! Psst, get 10% off all Twin Ray Purchases with code DAMSEL10.

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Cross Over Dress Wish List

Fun fact — I used to hate maxi dresses. My legs have always been my favorite part of my body so I didn’t want to cover them up (these breezy denim off the shoulder dresses were more my style), but today’s maxi and cross over dresses have totally changed my mind. Maxis have become my go-to for travel (perfect for those air-conditioned flights!), the first thing I grab when I’m feeling bloated in the spring, and my pick for when I want to make a dramatic statement.

Whenever I wear a maxi dress I feel like a princess, and I feel like that’s not a bad thing! I’ve linked some of my favorite picks from RoseGal below so you can channel your inner boho princess this spring. 

Screen shot 2017-05-01 at 9.34.18 PMScreen shot 2017-05-01 at 9.33.48 PMScreen shot 2017-05-01 at 9.33.13 PM

Open Back Smoky Gray Dess

Floral Slit Dress

White Floral High Slit Dress

Black Backless Floral Dess

Off The Shoulder Palm Print Dress

Long Sleeve Floral Maxi