For our latest Bubbles and Bloggers meet-up, we spent an afternoon overindulging in bottomless margaritas, mimosas, and chips and salsa at Auga 301 in Navy Yard. With my love for Mexican cuisine it was almost shocking that I’d never been there before – I’ll have to edit my Mexican restaurant roundup to include it!

Originally, the event was supposed to be hosted at Nomad Yard, a vintage boutique in NoMa, so it was decided that we would all dress in our favorite vintage or vintage-inspired garb. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event had to be moved but we kept the vintage theme – it was quite the scene at Auga 301. We even had one of the other guests dining at the restaurant come up to our table and ask what sort of event was going on because it was like a fashion show watching us walk into the restaurant! 

I’ve been having a love affair with 70s-inspired clothing for the past year or so, so it was a no-brainer that I’d channel the decade for my look. I picked up this jumpsuit at a boutique on our recent trip to Savannah and with its funky print and bell sleeves, I could pretty much be an extra from That 70s Show. I paired the jumpsuit with an actual vintage belt that I snatched from my mom’s closet a few years back and added a bit of modern flair with a choker and peep-toe booties.

I only own one true vintage frock (a stunning cocktail dress from the 80s) but I’d definitely like to  incorporate some more vintage pieces into my wardrobe. Do you have any favorite vintage shops in the DC area?

Jumpsuit | Fabrik

Booties | Vestique

Choker | Rose Wholesale

Sunglasses | Forever 21

You’re Invited – Winter Glam Wonderland and Streetmarket

The holidays are a busy time of year, but I’m inviting you to two events this month that should definitely be on your calendar! I promise you’ll get some serious FOMO if you don’t attend. Read on for details!

Winter Glam Wonderland

Winter Glam Wonderland_Dec 8 2016.png

Winter Glam Wonderland

December 8th, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Bourbon Adams Morgan

2321 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009

Confession, I’m terrible at anything that has to do with makeup. I’ve pretty much been wearing the same products since high school with a few upgrades here and there. When Dani of Blonde In The District shared that she was hosting a makeup tutorial pop-up at Bourbon I was super excited and immediately asked if the makeup artists from FN2S Artistry would teach me how to contour – the answer is yes, my friends. The best part is proceeds from the event will go to My Sister’s Place DC, a shelter for domestically abused women and children so I can’t think of a better event to attend to brush up on my non-existent makeup skills! The event will include one-on-one makeup tutorials, holiday hair tutorials from Illusions of Georgetown (I’ve raved about them previously!), swag bags, a raffle, live entertainment, drink specials, small bites, and pop-up shops from local retailers including Bailiwick ClothingIllusions of GeorgetownMeet the Curator,  Park Lane JewelryRefine BoutiqueTrystWhistle & WildZophia. Plus, you get a free glass of champagne if you bring an item to donate to the shelter.

You can get your tickets here: Event Brite: Winter Glam Wonderland – http://bit.ly/2g5Hfuj

Streetmarket 2016: A Curated Holiday Pop-Up



Thursday, December 15th, 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Streetsense Offices

3 Bethesda Metro, Suite 140, Bethesda, MD 20814

My company, Streetsense, is hosting its second annual holiday Streetmarket and this year I’ve been heavily involved with the planning so the event is near and dear to me. Featuring a curated lineup of local vendors, restaurants, and bars, the event is free and open to the public! Guests will be able to enjoy complimentary cocktails from Casolare, craft brews from Bluejacket Brewery, wine, and small bites while perusing some of DC’s hottest up-and-coming brands. There will also be an interactive photo booth, virtual reality demonstrations, and we’re working on lining up a surprise experiential demo! The vendor lineup includes Sill Life, Typecase Industries, Whistle & Wild, District of Clothing, Maketto, Honeycomb, Paper Horse, Red Apron, Curated, Mallory Shelter Jewelry, Sword & Plough, Foxwood Co., Be Clean, Cherry Blossom Creative, and Love Rocks. The event will be held in the Streetsense office (woo come see where I work everyday) and is directly on top of the Bethesda Metro so it’s super accessible. I hope to see you there!

Savannah Recap


The manfriend and I recently took a quick trip to Savannah, GA for some R&R and had a blast exploring the quaint city. We walked, we ate, and we drank and it couldn’t have been better timing because we left the day after the election. It was definitely nice to be out of the city and not glued to our phone and computer screens reading about the outcome. (#Imstillwithher – politics talk over.)

We decided on Savannah because Gerald is really into history and I’m into the artsy stuff so we figured the city would be the perfect hybrid and it was! A lot of my coworkers went to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) so we were lucky enough to have quite a few recommendations of things to do and places to eat. My blogger bae Caroline also recently took a trip there so she also had some great tips! (You can read her blog post about the city here.) Since we had so many amazing recommendations, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you!


  • Moon River Brewing Co. – We ended up here randomly for our first lunch because we wanted to eat somewhere with a patio and it did not disappoint. The brewery is actually located in the former City Hotel – Savannah’s first hotel. Order the sweet potato fries and sit out in the beer garden, it’s adorable!
  • 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant – For our “nice”dinner we went to the historic 17Hundred90 Inn and it was like traveling back in a time machine. The entire restaurant is exposed brick and there was a classical piano player that provided live music throughout the entire dinner. One of the best perks was that the chef created a vegetarian dish just for me and Gerald loved his meal of lamb. The chocolate bomb cake also lived up to its name.
  • Soho South Cafe – This is the cutest little restaurant over. We just sat at the bar because it was packed for brunch, but the main restaurant is impeccably decorated and I basically want my apartment to look like it.


  • The Grey – We stopped into this historic Greyhound station-turned-restaurant for after dinner drinks and everything was amazing, from the branding to the decor to our cocktails.
  • Rocks On The Roof at the Bohemian Hotel – After a day of strolling around the city we went to the boutique hotel’s rooftop bar for views of the river. The drinks were a little pricey but the design and the views were worth it.
  • Saddlebags – We met up with one of my college girlfriends for drinks and she and her boyfriend recommended that we hit up Saddlebags for live country music. It’s definitely not a classy establishment (there’s a mechanical bull) but it was so much fun to dance and sing along with the live brand.


  • SCAD Museum of Art – The SCAD campus sprawls throughout the city and the Museum of Art was something I was adamant about visiting. The contemporary museum’s exhibits rotate constantly and it was fun to interpret the art in our own ways.
  • Jones Street – This quaint street has been voted one of the prettiest streets in the US countless times and it’s easy to see why after you take a stroll down it. It doesn’t get more picturesque than a cobblestone street lined with adorable houses and Savannah’s signature mossy trees.
  • Forsyth Park – We were lucky enough to be staying in a B&B right across the street from this beautiful park so we took a stroll through it each day. Spanning 30 acres, I equated the park to Central Park – full of dogs, people picnicking, playgrounds, and of course its beautiful signature fountain.


  • Fab’rik – I only allowed myself to go into one clothing boutique so I chose wisely. Fab’rik actually has quite a few stores, but the closest one to DC is in Richmond, VA. Walking into the store was like a little kid walking into a candy shop – I wanted everything. Restrain yourself.
  • Paris Market – Located on the “main drag” walking into this shop was a little slice of Paris in the south. The shop is very carefully curated and I could have spent over an hour poking around in it. Bonus points for its adorable Parisian-inspired cafe upstairs.
  • E. Shaver Bookstore – Gerald and I both love reading so we popped into this quaint shop to pick up a new book to read on our B&B’s patio. Complete with bookstore cats and a massive selection of literature, it’s definitely a spot to stop into if you’re a fellow bookworm.

Bomber + Bodysuit



Photos by Dennis Turbeville. 

I’ll be perfectly honest, I had no idea how to style this bomber jacket when mine arrived in the mail from SammyDress, and I still don’t know if I know what else to pair it with! Sometimes I view fashion as playing dress up, where I make my look match whatever mood I’m in or whatever type of person I want to be that day, and that’s exactly how this look fell into place.

I had the opportunity to partner with the amazingly talented Dennis Turbeville for this shoot and he suggested that instead of simply taking outfit photos, we form a bit of a storyline around the idea of an art student doing things that art students do – frequenting coffee shops, bookstores, and strolling around hipster hoods (or in this case, Adams Morgan.) The backpack was a no brainer because student, duh, and the rest of the outfit kind of fell into place as I tried to piece together edgy items that wouldn’t compete too loudly with each other.

I had a blast exploring the AdMo neighborhood because it’s not an area that I go to frequently. We met at Songbyrd cafe which doubles as a coffeeshop and record store and has one of the few record recording booths in DC. If I were a student I could definitely see myself hanging out there and drinking all the caffeine. Highly recommend planning a trip to this spot if you’re into listening to vinyls. We also spent some time shooting around the surrounding parks and streets and I was amazed at how pretty the neighborhood was. I associate Adams Morgan with drunken nights on 18th Street, so I’m glad I got the chance to check it out in a totally different state of mind.

We ended our shoot at Idle Times Books which is pretty much everything a used bookstore should be – musty book smell included. It was rather crowded so we didn’t snap too many shots in there, but it was definitely fun to poke around and laugh at some of the absurd titles. Moral of the story – branch out and go spend some time in another neighborhood. I love Shaw so much that I don’t leave it too often, but it’s really eye-opening and fun to explore a new ‘hood.

Side note about bodysuits – If you don’t have one, I suggest getting one stat. I wear this black one almost every other week to go out, if not more. Bodysuits give an extremely streamlined look and are great for achieving a tucked-in style! I pair mine with high-waisted skirts and jeans all the time, and I guess now I rock them with bombers.

Bomber | SammyDress

Bodysuit | American Apparel

Jeans | Forever 21

Booties | Forever 21

Belt | Rose Wholesale

Backpack | Rose Wholesale

Floppy Hats For The Win


  1. Floppy Hat Faux Leather Trim | Forever 21
  2. Floppy Felt Wool Hat | Forever 21
  3. Wide Brim Fedora Hat | ASOS
  4. Black Wool Hat | H&M
  5. Floppy Wide Brim Hat | Forever 21
  6. Skinny Band Felt Floppy Hat | ASOS
  7. Wide Brim Wool Hat | Forever 21
  8. Floppy Wool Hat | Forever 21

Floppy hats are an iconic fall staple and they’re easier to pull off than you think! I was hesitant to try the trend out, but I’ve grown to love my gray wool hat, styled here and here. I think topping your look with a floppy hat gives it a bit of an effortlessly chic feel, and can liven up a plain outfit. I prefer to pair mine with dresses and booties because my particular hat is a little masculine due to its structure, but I’ve linked some floppier hats above that would work well with both dresses and pants. Pro tip – if your hair gets staticy from wearing a hair, rubbing a dryer sheet on your locks will help get rid of it!


6 Things I’ve Learned Post Move


I recently asked my Instagram followers what type of post they’d like to see on the blog and was met with an overwhelming amount of responses that suggested an update on the post-move with the manfriend – so here it is. (This is in response to a post I shared about 6 things you learn while moving in with each other – catch it here.) This look is from a date night at 801 a few weeks ago (see number 3 below). Side note, the roof top there is pretty awesome and the spot is filled with inspirational quotes – be still my cheesy heart. Read on for 6 things I’ve learning since my boyfriend became my roommate. 

  1. I learned how to make a sandwich – I wish I was kidding. My boyfriend makes more than me and therefore pays more rent so I try to do little things to help out – like packing his lunch for work. As a vegetarian, I’ve never made a deli sandwich (my mom always made my lunches before college) so I found myself Googling absurd things like “does meat make bread soggy” but I think I’ve got the hang of it now. Moral of the story – it’s the little things that count. 
  2. Having your own space is important and it’s okay to want time alone. My house has essentially turned into an ESPN zone 2.0. I knew that Gerald liked sports but I didn’t know he lived and breathed them. We turned the second bedroom into a “girl cave” where there’s no cable TV and no talk of sports is allowed. He actually uses it more frequently than me to read before bed to wind down. (Something I should do instead of staring at my Instagram feed until I drop my phone on my face.) Regardless, just because you live together doesn’t mean you have to spend every second in your apartment together. 
  3. You still have to make time for each other. Slightly contradictive to my last point, I thought I’d be seeing Gerald a lot more since we live in the same space. Obviously I see him more than when we lived apart, but I don’t truly hang out with him that much during the week. He works a LOT so by the time he gets home I’m usually done with dinner and working on the blog or I’m out and about so I don’t actually spend time with him. We’re both fairly busy socially during the weekends, so we’ve been making an effort to do one date night a weekend – doesn’t matter where  – just somewhere we can have quality face-to-face time.
  4. Your bad habits don’t change overnight. I thought that moving in with someone would magically make me keep my clothes off the floor and vacuum more frequently – shocker, it doesn’t. I am more conscious of it now, but it’s still something I really need to work on because my messy habits affect someone else directly. 
  5. You get a built-in gym buddy! I’ve never been the type of person to workout with a significant other but I recently joined Gerald’s gym and we’ve been scheduling fitness classes to go to together. While I can’t say I’m back to the shape I was in college, it’s been a great motivation to have someone to hold me accountable to my workouts. Plus it’s fun to have someone to walk home with afterwards to talk about the class. (Usually something along the lines of me complaining about how out of shape I am because I could only do 3 pushups.)
  6. You have to be more conscientious. With roommates before, I’d never make a big point of asking if I could bring a friend over because we could always just go hang out in my room if my roommate wanted to be by themselves in the common area. Now that my room is no longer an individual space – I have to remember to run it by the manfriend. Same goes with him and his friends – he failed to tell me a friend was staying with us for two nights once until a few hours before his arrival and I’m sure you can guess how well that went over.
  7. Bonus point – I asked Gerald what tip he would share with others about living together and I think he summed it up perfectly: I would say just be thoughtful and try to do little things to make the other person happy. You’ll learn what their hot-buttons are quickly…listen and act on them. And say thank you.” And that friends, is why he’s a keeper.

Shop my look: 

Skirt | Free People 

Top | Forever 21

Shoes | Converse

Necklace | Zaful 

Clutch | South Moon Under

JORD Watch Giveaway


We all have an accessory that we feel naked when we leave the house without it, and mine happens to be a watch. Although we can check the time on our mobile or work computer pretty much whenever we want, I like the look and feel of traditional timepieces. I’ve been wearing watches since high school and when I forget to slip one on in the morning, I catch myself checking my wrist automatically all day long! (I’m not exaggerating either – check back and you can see that I’m wearing a watch in approximately 75% of my outfit posts!)

That being said, I’m always on the lookout for a new watch but I’m pretty picky since they’re such statement-making pieces. When JORD Wood Watches reached out to me to partner with them, I was instantly drawn to their zebrawood and champagne women’s watch, and not just because of the name! The neutral colors make this an everyday accessory that you can pair effortlessly with black, tan, and brown, and the wood gives off a bit of a boho vibe versus my typical flashy watches.

JORD makes handcrafted wood watches for both men and women, and they send you a sizing kit to help make sure that the watch will be custom-made to your wrist! (Fair warning, I didn’t follow the directions and ended up with a watch way too big. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix at a jeweler, but don’t follow in my footsteps and actually read the measuring instructions.) The watches come in beautiful packaging and legitimately smells like wood. I felt like a creeper because I couldn’t stop sniffing it when it arrived – I love the scent of fresh wood!

Now for what you’re really here for – the giveaway! JORD and I are working together to give one of my readers a $75 gift card to claim their own unique watch – AND you get a $20 gift card just for entering! All you have to do is give your name and email address – no annoying loop giveaway steps needed!

Enter the contest by clicking here!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.
Wooden Wristwatch