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WMZQFest brings together top acts in country music for a day full of tailgating and good music. For the concert, I opted for my trusty cowboy boots, a leather satchel, and a bright crop top and skirt combo. I’ve had my cowboy boots since I was 14, and everyone used to make fun of me for wearing them, but I’m so glad that I’ve hung on to them! I found this leather Dooney and Burke satchel in my mom’s closet, and couldn’t believe that she wasn’t using it, so it found itself a home in my handbag collection.

For anyone who reads fashion blogs, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Asian online fashion site sheinside.com. My crop top and skirt are from there, but it was definitely an interesting experience ordering from the site that I must warn you about. When my roommate and I found the site, which is full of lookalikes from sites like Nasty Gal, Tobi, and Planet Blue, we couldn’t believe how inexpensive the clothes were and loaded up our shopping carts, spending around $250.00 each. We couldn’t wait for our packages to come in the mail, but it took over a month to get them. When we finally received our clothes, we were less than impressed. Half of my items were unwearable and all of my roommate’s items had to be donated or thrown away. For some items, the sizing was completely off and would only fit a 10 year old, others looked completely different than the photos that were displayed on the website, and some looked so cheap that they were about to fall apart any second. While I lucked out with a few pieces, I won’t be ordering again and I advise those shopping on it to think twice before placing a massive order!

Boots | Rampage

Satchel | Dooney and Burke

Crop Top and Skirt Combo | American Apparel

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