Black & Gold






Things I learned about cookouts in the city; it is nearly impossible to find a propane tank on a Sunday after 6:00 pm, and I am insanely jealous of everyone that has a rooftop to grill on. (But I kind of already knew the second one.) In case you were wondering, we did not find a propane tank in time, but we still had delicious food and looked cute while doing it.

For the attempted Sunday Funday cookout at the manfriend’s place, my roommate and I opted for twinning outfits; simple, black swing dresses with statement sandals and gold accessories. A swing or shift dress is ideal for events where you know you will be eating a ton because they easily hide your food baby and let’s be real, you want to be able to enjoy a brew without feeling like you have a beer belly after inhaling approximately 4 pounds of chips and guac.

Dress | Forever 21

Sandals | Forever 21

Crossbody | Rebecca Minkoff

Necklace | Gorjana

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