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I’ve reached the age where it seems that every time I go on Facebook, another one of my acquaintances has gotten engaged! With all the engagements comes weddings, and this was the first summer I got to attend some that weren’t just for family friends, so I had a lot of questions about what was appropriate to wear, gift, etc. This weekend I was a guest at my coworkers’ wedding on a quaint farm in Purcellville, VA, and as you can tell from my photos, it was picture perfect and an absolutely beautiful celebration of love. (Cue the tears. And yes, I cried multiple times throughout the night.) The McCain wedding was a true reflection of the bride and groom, which is what made it such a fantastic night. The groomsmen were dapper in jeans and suspenders, the bridesmaids selected their favorite blush dress from Anthropologie’s wedding line, and of course, the bride was a vision in a gorgeous lace dress and jewel encrusted belt. There was even a s’mores station set up alongside a fire pit outside! The event was just the right blend of sentimental and casual, and everyone had a great time dancing and drinking after the ceremony.

As a newcomer to attending weddings, I thought I’d shed some light on what I’ve learned from the ones I’ve been invited to this summer.

  • Do wear waterproof mascara (I’m a total sap and cry at everything emotional, so waterproof mascara has been a lifesaver)
  • Do pack deodorant in your clutch or bag, especially if the ceremony is outside
  • Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses if the event will be outside
  • Do iron your outfit prior to 5 minutes before walking out the door
  • Do wear wedges or fancy sandals if the venue is set outside, grass + heels do not mix well
  • Do have Advil handy for the next day, there’s lots to celebrate so the drinks will be flowing!
  • Do go on the registry early for your gift before everything has already been gifted
  • Do eat during the event! I made the mistake of not eating at a wedding because I was so self conscious about my form fitting dress and I was a mess the next day
  • That being said, do wear something you’re comfortable in! It’s no fun to constantly tug at your dress or not be able to dance because your shoes are too small

Weddings are a celebration of friends, family, and love, so don’t get stressed out about having the perfect outfit or not knowing everyone. The bride and groom just want everyone to have a good time and share their special day with them 🙂

Dress | Forever 21

Wedges | Forever 21

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