DC Fashion Week







I have always been a massive fan of suede, and searched high and low for this 70s inspired button down skirt! No, seriously, I spent an hour and a half in Forever21 at Metro Center digging through racks till I found it. My top is actually a crop top, but I wish it had been a little bit longer because I was constantly tucking it back into my skirt, but it worked for most of the night until I forced my boyfriend to salsa dance with me at Provisions later that night…

Anyways, I loved this outfit so much when I put it together that I wanted to save it for something special, so I kept it tucked away in my closet till DC Fashion Week. DC is many things, but it is not celebrated for its fashion like its older cousin, NYC. That being said, I went into DC Fashion Week with an open mind, and had although it was no NYFW, I still had fun sipping cocktails and champagne with my dear friend who was sweet enough to tag along with me.

DC Fashion Week is indeed, a week long event, with the final two days hosting a Emerging Designers Fashion Show (which is what I wore this look to) and then a Couture Show (blog post to come). My friend and I got our tickets off LivingSocial and were pretty disappointed with how our tickets were presented online; we were supposed to have priority seating for both events, and ended up sitting rows away from the runway, which is why I don’t have any decent pictures from the show (if you follow me on Snapchat I’m sure you saw tons of videos), and overall, the event was pretty disorganized. I’m definitely glad I got to experience it, but I think it’s safe to say that I probably won’t be attending next year. Until then, I’ll keep stalking Instagram for Milan Fashion Week for my high fashion fix 😉

Suede Skirt | Forever21

Mock Turtleneck Crop | H&M

Heels | Steve Madden

Clutch | South Moon Under 

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