Friday Favorites | Summer Nail Polish


Ever since middle school, I’ve been a fanatic about having my nails painted. Something about having them bare makes me feel naked, so I’m constantly stocking up on new polishes whenever I run to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. In the fall and winter, I usually have my nails painted a darker color (OPI’s Linkin Park After Dark, anyone?) but once the weather warms up I instantly gravitate towards lighter and more fun shades. Shopping hint – you can use those 20% and $5 off coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond on nail polishes! Somehow it makes buying a tiny bottle of polish for $8 seem less painful 😉


Fiji is by far my favorite nail color for spring and summer. As soon as it becomes acceptable to wear open toe shoes, this is what goes on my feet and I don’t usually switch up the color for my pedis until October.


Mint Candy Apple is a great color because it’s playful, but not too in your face. I’m not entirely sure why they call it mint or apple because it’s definitely not green on your fingers, but I’ll go with it.


Chills and Thrills is definitely my wild card summer color. It’s extremely bold, but definitely a fun shade that I feel like I can only get away with in the summer. When I checked on the Essie website to link to it, I found out they no longer make it – but Butler, Please is extremely similar!

Now go get yourself a fresh mani!

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