What’s In My Bag


It’s always interesting to know what’s in someone’s handbag – especially their daily tote that gets them through the workday. I used to make fun of my mom for the amount of things she carried in her purse, but alas – I’ve adapted the same habits.

In the summer, my purse is filled with things to get me through the DC heat wave. As I’ve mentioned before, I have to walk 6 blocks to the metro so I’m usually a hot mess (literally) by the time I arrive at work and still have 9 more hours of the day to get through. Here’s what I stash in my bag to keep me looking as human as possible throughout the day.

Dry shampoo

How I survived college without this magical substance is beyond me. Whether I need to refresh my locks because they got sweaty on my commute or forgoing the shampoo for the second day in a row was not my best idea – dry shampoo is my all time hands down favorite beauty product. Stock up on trial versions from Walmart, CVS, or your local grocery store and stash them in your various bags.

Wet wipes

I hate on the Metro a lot, but it really is an amazing convenience since it lets me not own a car. While the newer train cars are a bit cleaner, I always feel a little dirty after putting my hands on the escalator handrails and being in the personal vicinity of so many strangers. I’m not a fan of liquid hand sanitizer so I turn to trusty wet wipes after my commute. (Gosh, I really am turning into my mom.)

Oil blotting sheets

My skin tends to get oily towards the end of the day so I like to blot around 3 pm to help reduce shine. I don’t bother buying brand name blotting sheets because they all do the same thing, and the store brand is usually significantly cheaper. Pro tip – if you’re without an oil blotting sheet a paper toilet seat cover does the trick as well. I’m not crazy I swear I read that Emma Roberts does it!

Toothbrush + toothpaste

I eat a lot of onions and since I want my coworkers to like me, I usually brush my teeth every day after lunch. Also key for an impromptu happy hour after work when you don’t have time to go home! Pick up a toothbrush and mini toothpaste kit at your local drugstore.


I have the sweat glands of a teenage boy so reapplying deodorant is a must regardless of the weather. Pro tip – I usually opt for men’s Old Spice because it’s stronger and lasts longer, but Dove is my next favorite.

Hair ties

For those days when your third shower without shampooing is just not doing you any favors. Stock up on non-elastic hair ties at Walmart or unexpected places like Forever 21 (I got a 5 pack for $3.00 the other day) instead of upscale retailers like Sephora to save a few extra bucks.

Mini nail kit

Breaking a nail is inevitable and there are few things more annoying that a jagged edge. A simple mani kit like this cheetah print one come with everything you need to keep your nails looking neat throughout the day. This kit is from Lou Lous’s and includes clippers, a file, orange stick, cuticule trimmers, and tweezers! I’m guilty of touching up my nails at my lunch break, so I always have some sort of nail polish stashed in my bag.

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