Welcome Back, Layers


Confession time – I hadn’t cut my hair in over 6 months. We’re talking my split ends had split ends. When Ashley from Shapes Salon & Day Spa in Fairfax Station invited me for a cut and blowout, I instantly jumped at the chance to have her transform my locks. I’m originally from Fairfax Station, VA so I’d walked by the salon a million times but never gone in. I usually go to budget hair salons (a la Hair Cuttery) but after my amazing experience at Shapes I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to the cheap spots!

My appointment started with a consultation in Ashley’s chair where we talked about my hair care routine and what type of look I was trying to achieve (she was kind enough to not berate me about my disgusting split ends and frizziness.) I chopped my hair off into a lob in February (ragrets) and since then I’ve been trimming my ends but not adding anything fun like layers or angles back into my cut to try and keep the length goin’. I told Ashley that I was trying to achieve a more voluminous look, and she suggested that we try layers to help add some more shape to my blunt cut.

Next up was an amazing scalp massage, wash, and conditioning treatment. My mom came with me to get a blowout for our Christmas Eve dinner and she even got a complimentary hand scrub! Talk about being pampered. During my cut, Ashley and I chatted about two of our favorite things – dogs and shopping. (We’re both fellow shopaholics.) She’s truly an expert with her shears and I didn’t realize the cut was done until she pulled out her blowdryer!

Fun fact – I asked Ashley how to get good volume when doing a blowout and she taught me that when you turn your head over and blow dry your hair upside down, it doesn’t truly create any volume. Anyone else guilty of doing this too when you style your hair!? Ashley taught me that when you pull your hair up by the roots (the best way to describe it would be to pinch at the roots and pull up) that you actually create more volume.

My appointment ended with a flawless blowout (perfect for our dinner at the MGM later that night) and Ashley hooked me up with a clarifying shampoo that will help with my dandruff. This really is a confessional post – sharing my secrets about split ends and dandruff! But seriously, Ashley assured me that dandruff is normal so if you have it too, you’re not alone!

All in all, it was a great experience and Ashley and the ladies at Shapes are true experts at what they do. I highly recommend a trip to Shapes Salon for your next cut touchup or color treatment!

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