Hush Puppies Spring Launch Event

This Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend a fabulous event at Masseria to celebrate the launch of the Hush Puppies spring line and it was a blast. You probably recall Hush Puppies from back in the day – I remember a lot of private school students used to wear their shoes as part of their uniform – but oh boy has the brand elevated its style! I mean how cute are these Sherlyn Malia sandals I’m sporting? 

While the new spring line is more far more fashion-forward than the shoes I remember from grade school, the brand holds true to its core values of crafting their shoes from high quality materials and prioritizing comfort. The sandals I’m pictured in above are so comfortable, it feels like I’m walking on little cushions of air. I had a brief stint with plantar fasciitis a few weeks ago from walking too far in shoes with no support (FYI plantar fasciitis feels like your arch is being pinched 24/7, it is not fun) so I’ve been much more cautious about the types of shoes I walk long distances in and think I’ve found a great stylish solution in the offerings from Hush Puppies!

Check out some of my favorite snaps from the beautiful event and shop my outfit below!

Shoes | Hush Puppies

Pants | TopShop

Top | Zaful

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