RoseGal Bikini Wish List

Apparently, I go through clothing phases where I’m fixated on one particular item. A few months ago it was bodysuits, once it was jumpsuits, and now it’s bikinis. Last year, I felt really uncomfortable about my body so I only bought one pieces, but as I become more comfortable in my own skin, I’m back to shopping for bikinis!  Side note: bikinis are for everyone. One of my favorite quotes is “how to get a bikini body – 1) have a body 2) put a bikini on”.

There are SO many websites out there now offering swimsuits, but I’ve been ordering a lot from RoseGal lately! We all know swimsuits don’t hold up for too many seasons, so I’m all about affordable options. Plus at these prices, you can order a ton! Some of my favorites are below but the site has a TON of options. They also have some super cute towels and throws that are super Instagrammable.

When ordering swimsuits online, make sure you check the sizing guide, each of the brands tend to fit differently. I also like checking on Instagram to see what “real people” are wearing and making my decisions based off of their body types!

Scalloped White Bikini

Floral Cut Out Bikini

High Cut Strappy Suit

Sporty Cut Bikini

Palm Print Bikini

Tassel Bikini

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