Natitude Style


I truly thought I was only into Nats games for the beer and a potential 50% off Papa Johns pizza the next day (you get half price pizza if they score 7 runs!), but after Bryce Harper’s punch heard round the world (internet) last weekend, it turns out I’m actually a legit fan. For some reason I’m really invested in what went down and what that means for his playtime this season — the manfriend caught me on ESPN researching it and I think he nearly fell over from the shock. 

Since we started dating a little over two years ago, Gerald’s taught me a lot about baseball and it turns out it’s way more fun to watch the game when you can actually tell what’s going on! We went to the Saturday game this past weekend and I was pretty proud of myself for not complaining when it started raining, and I think it earned me some major brownie points with him 😉 

In all seriousness, baseball games are a lot of fun and I love being around the fan energy. While I don’t have any official Nats gear, I always try to wear red, white, or blue and pull out my trusty Papa John’s cap. I kid you not – this is the hat I used to wear as part of my uniform for the five years I worked at PJs on weekends and during college breaks to earn my spending money. Yes, I made pizza. Yes, I can do the thing where you toss the dough up in the air. And yes, I still eat Papa John’s pizza today. 

Few things pair better with baseball games and brews than cut offs, so I typically reach for jean shorts to pair with comfortable shoes (team Taylor Gang) and some sort of summery top. Since this past weekend’s game was a little cooler than usual, I opted for one of my new long sleeve tops from SammyDress and gave it a half tuck to help define my waist. 

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Top | SammyDress

Shorts | Levi’s

Shoes | Converse

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