Blue Suede Shoes


I suppose it’s time to break out the white jeans for the season! If anyone has tips on how to keep them clean throughout the day, holla at me because it seems like I always get a weird makeup smear or grass stains on them whenever they leave my closet. 

After looking at these photos from my shoot with photographer Bruce Allen, I realized I like all of these pieces separately, but this look isn’t really my style. I feel like it’s leaning on the preppier side and I need to change something up to bring some edge into it. Next time, I think I’ll pair this Undeniable Boutique top with cutoffs and lace up sandals and tuck the front in to make it a bit more boho-y. I’m planning on pairing these HushPuppies* mules with the white denim again, but swapping out my top for a chambray tank, that I styled here. 

*(Yes, you heard that right, these awesome slides are HushPuppies and possibly the most comfortable shoes in my wardrobe, even though they are heels. The first time I wore them to work I kept making my coworkers feel them because the insoles seriously feel like little cushions of air!)

Anyways, I’m letting you in on how I didn’t love how this outfit turned out because I think it’s important to acknowledge that even though I have a fashion blog, I don’t get it right every time. My blog and Instagram are just my highlight reel, so you don’t always see the WTF moments! Sometimes I show up to work and take a look in the bathroom mirror and literally cringe at what I pulled together that morning, and that’s okay. Everyone has their on and their off days! If we never had an off day, we’d never learn what we liked 😉 

Thanks to Bruce Allen for capturing these photos! You can, and you should, check out the behind-the-scenes of our shoot here! Bruce sheds some interesting light on photographing bloggers and capturing the perfect shot, and you can make fun of how awkward I look. Enjoy! 

Shop My Look:

Top | Undeniable Boutique

Jeans | TopShop

Clutch | South Moon Under (similar)

Mules | HushPuppies

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