A Little Prep In My Step


Raise your hand if you had a preppy phase. In middle and early high school, I wanted nothing more than to look like I was out of a Hollister or Abercombie catalogue. I had pages from the magazine and even shopping bags of beach babes and shirtless men plastered all over my bedroom! (Sorry, mom.) Layered, popped polos paired with jean skirts – and UGGS of course – was what all the cool kids were wearing. When I was finally old enough to work at the retailers, I didn't even wear their clothes anymore! I ended up working at Hollister in college (retail by day, Papa John's by night – pure glamour) but I rarely wore the clothes outside of the store.

I dabbled in the preppy world a bit after college, but those dresses and tops now hang unworn in my closet – I know, I know, I need to take my own advice and do a wardrobe cleanse! I've since gravitated towards a more boho style, but in the summer I am drawn to some peppier pieces. (By the way, don't get me wrong, I don't dislike preppy outfits and think some girls look adorable in them, it's just not my thing anymore!) Seersucker screams J Crew to me, but I loved that the keyhole on this Zaful dress made it a little different than your typical striped summer dress. This dress also has POCKETS! I forgot to take pictures that show them off, but they're there and fantastic.

This is probably TMI, but I wore this dress to the movies and the keyhole made getting popcorn out of my top so much easier. Highly recommend a cutout dress for popcorn eating. I know, I disgust myself too.

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Dress | Zaful

Shoes | Vestique (similar) 

Bag | Rebecca Minkoff 

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