Segura Viudas Open Up Cava Party


It’s been a hot sec since I went out to a club, especially on a weeknight, but I had so much fun at the Segura Viudas Open Up Cava Event at Heist this week!

Segura Viudas is a new brand to me—they are an award‑winning Cava rooted in rich Spanish winemaking heritage—and boy do they know how to throw a party. For the evening, Heist was decked out with Cava-inspired decorations (think, gold and white bubble balloons everywhere!), had an awesome DJ, super cute photo booth, and of course, plenty of Cava.

As soon as we entered the club, we were greeted with our own individual bottle of Segura Viudas and got to choose between Brut or Rosé. I went for the Brut first and it was everything I like in a sparkling wine! I prefer clean and crisp flavors when it comes to Cava and they nailed it. I later tried the Rosé and it was a bit too fruity for me, but still very good. The best part about these wines is that they are high quality and luxurious, but won’t break the bank, retailing around $12—perfect for impressing guests at your next dinner or girls night! The website even has a calculator to help you determine how many bottles you’ll need based on how many guests and how long your event is.

My favorite touch of the evening was the Open Up Cava herb wall, which allowed guests to literally pick an herb from the wall and bring it to the bartender for a surprise cocktail. I may have overindulged and tried both the basil and cilantro cocktails, but they were delicious and worth the slight hangover the next day. Who knew cilantro in a cocktail could taste so refreshing?!

Thanks so much for a fantastic evening, Segura Viudas!

This post was sponsored by Segura Viudas, but all opinions are my own. 

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