7 Fitness Goals For 2018


To preface this post, it’s pretty similar to one I made last year (read it here), but I’ve been struggling with getting back into a workout routine so I figured I’d make this post not only to share tips I’ve found that work for me, but to try and hold myself accountable. If you put it out in the public eye and on social media, it’s always harder to fall back on your goals, right?

I was doing a pretty good job at working out and eating healthy riiiight up until we got engaged in October. The week leading up to our trip to Asheville I was super stressed at work and trying to prepare personally for the trip because I was pretty sure Gerald was going to propose, and I fell off the workout wagon. After we got back from vacation it spiraled into weekends celebrating and then right into the holidays and I’m having a hard time getting super motivated again. I’m trying on wedding dresses with my mom for the first time in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, and I’m not feeling too great about it.

To be honest, yes, getting in shape for my wedding is a huge motivation. I know some people will think that’s ridiculous, but it’s the truth. I want to be able to look back on this time of my life as happy and healthy and you bet I want to look good in the photos that we’re dropping thousands of dollars on! (Yes, I’m aware how shallow that is, but keeping it real.) On the flipside, when I make healthy choices and get myself to the gym, I function better at work, fall asleep more easily, and feel better about myself as a whole, so I know these healthy changes are something I need to make a lifestyle — not just something for one day that involves a white dress.

I’m a type A all the way, so writing down my goals and to-do lists helps me organize my thoughts, so here goes. Read on for the 7 fitness goals I’m trying to implement this year, and wish me luck.

  1. Stop Doing Fitness Classes I Hate: Nothing makes me want to skip the gym more than planning to do a workout I don’t enjoy. I was going to a Monday evening barre class for a few months just because the timing was convenient (out by 7:30 pm, just in time for Bach!) and left feeling miserable each time because I didn’t like the instructor and hated her playlists. By happenstance, I found another barre instructor at a different gym location with KILLER playlists and makes class fun, so I never dread going to her classes! It really makes a big difference in getting yourself to the gym and keeping you going back. I’ve also recently made the decision that I’m allowed to treat myself to one “bougie class” once a month outside of my gym. I’m obsessed with 305 Fitness and think it’s the most fun workout ever, so hit ya girl up if you want to try it with me.
  2. Spend More Time Making Kickass Playlists: I forgot how much I used to look forward to working out to new music until I went on a run the other day and discovered some new KapSlap mixes. (I’ve been working out to his tracks since college!) Until my run the other day I didn’t realize how much new music affected my workout, so I started a new Spotify playlist and am adding amp up songs to it each week.
  3. Pack Guilt-Free Snacks For Work: I have a major sweet tooth. I’m the first person to sprint to the office kitchen when I hear there’s cupcakes and it’s really hard for me to walk by the candy jar without grabbing a piece of chocolate. I was recently sent a package of ONE Bars and have been stashing them in my desk to help ward off the cravings. I actually can’t eat a whole protein bar in one sitting because my stomach isn’t used to having that much protein hit it at once, but when a craving for sugar strikes, I’ll break off a piece of the ONE bar and it really does help the urge go away. So far I’ve tried Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake and can’t wait to sample the rest!
  4. Get Rid Of Workout Clothes That Make Me Feel Bad: I swear there is nothing worse than looking in the mirror at the gym and feeling like you ate an entire pizza five minutes before you came to class. (I mean yes…I have done things like that before I still don’t want to look like that!) I’m pledging to donate all of my ill-fitting workout clothes and actually invest in some nicer items that I’m excited to put on and feel good in.
  5. Recruit A Workout Buddy: I am SUPER lucky that two of my really good friends have joined my gym and it makes trying new classes and dragging my butt to a workout after a long day so much easier. I’ve even tried to make the gym into a social thing if someone wants to grab drinks — I’ll ask them to do a workout class with me first and then to go get a drink at a low-key (read, dive bar) post sweat sesh.
  6. Utilize A Fitness Tracker App: I love My Fitness Pal, but I once had a really bad relationship with it and was using it to track calories and make sure I was severely under my daily recommended amount. Yikes. Now that I have a healthier relationship with myself and food, I’m trying to use the app again to make smarter choices — not starve myself — and educate myself on what foods are good for me versus secret calorie bombs.
  7. Set Small Daily Goals: I’m addicted to my FitBit. I don’t care if they’re dorky! I love seeing how many steps I get in each day. My goal used to be 10,000 steps, but I’ve recently upped it to 12,000 steps. To help achieve that goal, I’ve also set a small goal to get out and walk at least 6 blocks on my lunch break. That’s under 20 minutes, but helps clear my mind and get me off my ass. I’m also trying to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day while at work, which is totally doable—just four Swell bottle fill-ups! Sometimes I get cold in the office so I don’t drink water (weird, I know) so setting this goal is important to me.

Well there you have it folks, my 7 goals that I’m hoping will lead me to a healthier lifestyle. You might have noticed I’m not trying any diets because I’ve never been able to stick to one, but if you have any healthy, vegetarian recipes you love, send them my way! I’m also all ears if you have any other tips or tricks up your sleeve.

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