Striped Jumpsuit Scandal

If you follow me on social media, you know that Gerald and I just got back from our favorite place, WaterColor/Seaside, Florida. It was our third time vacationing in the beach town, thanks to his extremely generous aunt who owns a condo in the WaterColor community! (More on our full trip to come in a later blog post.)

I got this blue and white jumpsuit in one of my favorite boutiques to visit in the town, Shop DejaVu, and of course had to wear it out the day I got it. (Not going to lie, I wore it to The Pearl in Rosemary Beach because I knew it would look good with their striped decor!)

I got so many questions on where to purchase this jumpsuit, so I decided to bump up my posting schedule and spent about 40 minutes scouring the internet to find the link to it. I like visiting DejaVu because it’s an independent boutique and I always find great pieces there, but I was a little surprised to see that they had significantly marked their prices up when I visited this year. After trying this jumpsuit on, I figured it was good quality and purchased it at the price of $76. I was in the mood to splurge ā€” we were on vacay after all ā€” and thought it was a really cute piece.

After trying to find the jumpsuit to link for you guys, you’ll never believe where I stumbled upon it, and for the price tag it came with. I don’t usually get irrationally upset about clothing purchases, but I found THE EXACT SAME JUMPSUIT AT FOREVER 21 for literally $48. And, it comes in two colors. To be perfectly transparent, I feel a little played by the boutique, but at least I got some good Instagram photos out of it?

You can shop it here in white and here in red.

I still can’t believe that the boutique and Forever 21 are selling the same items, but hey ā€” maybe it just means Forever is stepping up their game.

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