Thrifted Topshop





I’ve never had much luck finding gems in thrift shops, but when I stumbled upon this Topshop cocktail dress in a Dupont Circle consignment store for a mere $25.00, I knew I had to have it, regardless of the fact that I had nowhere to wear it. There was a formal night on my European cruise, where cocktail attire and suits were suggested for dinner, and I was ecstatic to finally get a chance to wear it.

If you’re looking for vintage or thrift shops in DC to try and score your own finds, I suggest Secondi in Dupont Circle, or Nomad Yard in NE, near Union Market, which is where I’ve had my best luck. When thrifting, be prepared to dig through a lot of crowded (probably unorganized) racks, potentially see higher price tags than you’re expecting (just because it’s secondhand, doesn’t instantly mean cheaper), and to be in the store for a very long time if you really want to dig up some treasures (patience is key, you always find the best things when you’re about to give up). If you’re looking to score designer pieces, follow the stores on Facebook and Instagram, because they tend to post their hottest items on their social media, but they go fast.

Happy thrifting!

PS. That’s my little brother…he’s a whole foot taller than me!

Heels | Steve Madden

Clutch | SheInside

Rhinestone Bracelet | Kate Spade

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