Rompin’ Around Rome








When in Rome….it is hot. And dusty. Thankfully though, there is no humidity in Italy like DC residents are all too familiar with (why do we even bother to do our hair here when it stays the way you want it for approximately 30 second after stepping out of your apartment?). My family and I went to Rome three years ago, so I knew what I was about to spend all day in and opted for a lightweight crochet romper and comfortable walking sandals. Not going to lie, I did choose these sandals because they remind me of gladiator sandals and I only felt that was appropriate for an ancient city!

Growing up, I was absolutely fascinated with Roman and Greek ancient history. I couldn’t get enough of the their culture and mythology, Hercules was (and still is) my favorite Disney movie! Although Rome is a major, thriving, and modern city, it never fails to excite the ancient history geek in me. The Romans created some of the most breathtaking and magnificent architecture in the world, it’s no surprise that DC took inspiration from the ancient city’s columns and marble structures to construct some of its own monuments, but nothing compares to the real things in Italy.

Rome is a sightseers’ dream. Narrow alleyways filled with leather shops and gelaterias lead way to historical monuments and before you know it, you’re standing in front of the Spanish Steps or the Parthenon. (Let me tell you about those leather shops…nothing smells as amazing as fresh, handmade, Italian leather. I snagged a beautifully crafted leather clutch that I’ll be featuring soon.) This city should definitely be on your bucket list, but when you venture to it, be sure to dress comfortably and keep in mind that if you want to enter any churches or the Vatican, you must have your shoulders covered and short shorts are highly frowned upon. Needless to say, I would not have been allowed in any religious buildings in this outfit, but it did the trick to keep me cool while taking in the stunning sights.

Romper | Francesca’s

Sandals | Lucky Brand

Tassel Necklace | Target

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