The Quest for White Jeans






The quest for white jeans is a long, frustrating, and slightly self-deprecating journey. I outgrew my favorite white jeans after college (thanks senior year for those extra pounds) and couldn’t bring myself to embark on the search for a new pair for almost two years. If you love jean shopping, I envy you (and also need to start going to the gym with you), because everyone knows that it’s a difficult process. Two pairs of jeans from the same brand and in the same size can have completely different fits, even though they look identical, and don’t even get me started on fitting room mirrors.

I finally bit the bullet, and four months and 24 pairs of jeans later, found the perfect pair of white pants from Topshop. When searching for white jeans, I think that the transparency of the fabric is the biggest thing you have to be wary of. Make sure that you look at the jeans in different lights (inside and outside the fitting room and in natural light if you can) to ensure that they aren’t see-through and do not highlight any spots you don’t want to be seen (my biggest problem was finding jeans that didn’t show cellulite through them). I prefer my jeans to have stretch in them, so it was difficult to find pants that were thick enough, yet still allowed me to eat a burrito and not have to unbutton them at my desk.

These MOTO Jamie Topshop jeans are the holy grail of white pants and probably the only pair of jeans I don’t hate wearing! The super soft cotton has a great stretch that allows a few wears before they begin to get saggy in the knees and bottom. (But let’s be real, it’s really hard to keep white jeans clean for more than two wears.) Perfect for petite girls, Topshop jeans come in multiple lengths, so that you don’t have to cuff them unless that’s the look you desire. A high-waist cut eliminates any chance of accidental muffin top, and is perfect for professional environments to avoid any midriff peekage.

Peplum | Romeo & Juliet Couture

Jeans | Topshop

Pumps | Aldo

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