A Nod To Elle Woods





Too often, people associate professional dress with boxy blazers and boring button-ups. Please don’t let this be your inspiration for getting dressed for work in the morning. One of my favorite things about getting ready for work is finding ways to mix my “regular” pieces with “work appropriate” items. I want my office style to be consistent with my personal style, which can be a tricky balance, but a fun challenge.

I work in an office that allows for flexible dressing, jeans are fine when you’re at your desk all day, but you better look sharp if you’re client facing. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, although I have a marketing role, I do sit at the front desk in the office, so I tend to select outfits that veer towards the business casual side versus pure casual. My ultimate goal is to let my personal style show through, but not look unprofessional in front of a client.

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde was the master of professional dress without sacrificing her sense of style, so I can’t help but feel like I’m giving a nod to her with this ensemble in her signature shade of pink. The trick to pulling off an outfit this vivid in he workplace is the structured pieces and being covered up on top although I’m showing lots of leg. You won’t catch this girl in a boring black suit anytime soon 😉

Blazer | love…andy

Tank | h&m

Skirt | Forever 21

Wedges | Enzo Angiolini

Bracelet | h&m

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