Central Park Picnic








This weekend, I went to visit one of my closest friends. Macy, in New York City for a girl’s weekend full of bagels, champagne, and ridiculous Halloween costumes. Macy lives in the Upper West Side, so we decided to head on over to Central Park to sip some bubbly and brainstorm our Halloween costumes for the weekend.

NYC was unnaturally warm for this time of year, around 55 degrees the entire weekend! For our frolic in the Park, I opted for an oversize cardigan with my latest investment, a pair of AG jeans. I’m not one for premium denim, but I tried on the jeans at Refine Boutique during their Columbus Day sale and picked them up for 20% off! As a Forever 21 and H&M repeat customer, the premium denim boasted a much higher price tag that I’m used to seeing, but since I can wear jeans to work whenever I want, I figured they would be a reasonable investment. The difference between these premium jeans and my regular cheap ones was definitely the comfort level. After running all over the Park and the Upper West Side, they didn’t stretch out at all and I wasn’t tempted to rip them off the second I stepped back into Macy’s apartment after finding our Halloween costumes. (In case you were wondering, we found vintage cheerleading uniforms at a thrift shop down the street from Macy’s apartment! Took us right back to our high school glory days of cheer squad and dance team.)


Cardigan | H&M

Tee | GAP

Jeans | AG Jeans

Booties | H&M

Clutch | Forever21 

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