Fall Favorites Under $50

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This is a long overdue post, but as promised, my fall favorites under $50.00!

Floppy hats were a staple last year, and I’m happy to see that they are still in this fall! I thought I could never pull one off, but they are surprisingly easy to toss on top of an outfit, and when paired with casual items like a t-shirt dress and jean jacket, makes the whole look more put together.

Hat | Forever 21

Blanket scarves, you’ve seen them on every fashionista’s Instagram this fall. This scarf isn’t as thick as a blanket scarf, but still mimics the look when wrapped the right way. I snagged this one on a flash sale for $6.00 at Forever 21, and it’s probably the best $6.00 I’ve ever spent. I’ve been layering it over dresses, pairing it with loose tanks and leggings, and even tossing it on over sweatshirts and quilted vests.

Scarf | Forever 21

If you don’t have a jean jacket, shame on you. They’re easily the most effortless layering piece for fall and spring and go with everything from jeans to midi skirts. I have a dark wash and a light wash jacket, but just one in a medium or darker wash is all you need to carry you from October – November. This is a cheap jacket, but brands like GAP and Levi’s have great pieces that will last forever. No kidding – my light wash jacket is my little brother’s Levi jacket from kindergarten…it makes a great cropped jacket!

Jean Jacket | H&M

The t-shirt dress has been my go-to this season. I acquired a few this fall and have been wearing them nonstop paired with military jackets, leather jackets, and even with converse when running a quick errand. Invest in one, or three, and I promise you won’t regret it.

T-shirt Dress | Forever 21

Last but not least, over the knee boots. I’ve always been a fan of over the knee boots, just ask my friends from college about the time I bought a heeled pair from a store that shall not be named and broke the heel at a party, only to stand on my tiptoes for the rest of the night in the broken shoe because I refused to sacrifice the look. I found these on the clearance rack at DSW last March, but they are still available!

Boots | DSW

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