Finding The Perfect Jean Shorts

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Denim shorts are a classic summer staple. Nearly every retailer sells their own take on them, so why is a flattering fit so hard to find?! I own countless pairs of denim shorts, but they’re all either too tight, too low-rise, or resemble a denim thong more than denim cut-offs – seriously, my friends made up a hashtag because of this #colliecheeks – so this was the summer I knew I had to graduate to something slightly more appropriate. After quite a few failed attempts , I finally found a pair of Levi’s at Urban Outfitters and I’ll probably wear them to threads this summer. While I highly recommend this pair, every body is different so I’ve put together some things I look for when shopping for shorts so hopefully you can find your own perfect pair!

1) Look for a highwaisted cut – crop tops are even bigger this year than they were last year and unless you are an 18 year old girl who hasn’t discovered what the term “freshman fifteen” means yet you shouldn’t be wearing low rise jean shorts with a crop top. (Should they even be doing that?) Personally, I prefer high waist cuts in all of my bottoms because it eliminates the chance of muffin top spillage and they accentuate your waist more than a pair of hip huggers – just be wary of pairs that leave too much extra space in the back. You’ll never be able to wear a longer top without some funky square shape goin’ on in the back if there’s extra room in the waistband
2) Sightly distressed – key word being slightly. We’re talking tasteful rips and moderate fringe at the bottom to achieve the worn-in look. Keep the big rips to your jeans – you don’t want to look like you’re wearing underwear (RIP denim thong)
3) Light wash – this season’s boho-inspired tops are flirty and light and pair perfectly with light wash jeans – imagine how silly they would look against crisp dark denim. Save the dark wash for your skinny jeans and channel your inner surfer girl
Sandals | Lucky Brand
Bag | Thrifted at Chic Shack

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