Festival Style




I once had a friend describe my style as “hippie-come-hither.” I’m not quite sure what that means…but if she meant boho with a flirty twist I’ll take it, and this look is the epitome of that description. I love anything with bell sleeves for some reason, add in a hint of tulle and a fun print and I’m smitten.  I bought this dress with a friend after a birthday brunch under the influence of too many mimosas and was shocked to realize I’d spent $70.00 on a lightweight dress the next day, but it’s now on sale for a reasonable $40.00! (For the record, I’ve worn it 4 times in the two months I’ve had it, so I guess it was $70.00 well spent already.)

I paired this fun frock with my trusty gladiator sandals and fringe clutch for a festival style vibe at a Coachella themed blogger’s brunch. For the real Coachella, I’d probably be wearing cutoff jean shorts and an inappropriately sized crop top or leo, but I did walk down the streets of DC in this look so I kept it a little bit more on the tame side. I would, however, 100% wear this outfit to a beer and wine festival in the district! Shout out to Dani for taking my photos for me and letting me use her camera since I tote mine around without a case and it’s busted. xx.

Dress | Urban Outfitters

Sandals | Forever 21

Clutch | South Moon Under

Ring | Forever 21

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