Swimsuit Favorites




It’s no secret that I love one piece swimsuits. My friends always cringe when I say that I’m wearing one instead of a bikini, but I absolutely love the feeling of not being self conscious in a swimsuit – especially if I’m drinking or eating at the pool. I got a TON of questions about where I got my new favorite suit from when I posted a photo on Instagram this weekend – so I’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to it.

This suit was only $27 from Forever 21, but unfortunately it’s one of those pieces they stock in-store and don’t have online. In lieu of this, I’m sharing my tips for finding a one piece that’s flattering and sexy, since they seem to still have a bad rep.

I’m currently the proud owner of 3 one piece swimsuits – and I usually opt for them over my bikinis for various reasons:

  1. Being in a swimsuit in front of other people can be a hard thing – while I fully appreciate and support the self-love movement, I’m just more comfortable in front of people I don’t know when my stomach is covered up
  2. One pieces are more statement-making than a bikini – sure, it seems like that’s contradicting my first point, but I think it takes a confident person to pull off a swimsuit that’s traditionally been dubbed as matronly, and when you’re not busy worrying about sucking in your gut every 5 seconds, your swagger definitely rises a few notches
  3. YOU CAN EAT IN ONE PIECE SWIMSUITS AND NOT HATE YOURSELF! I love grilling out at the pool and of course – indulging in poolside beverages. I tend to bloat whenever I eat something as healthy and as small as an apple, so I love that one pieces offer enough support and distraction around my midsection to take away from this problem

Now that I’ve convinced you how amazing this type of swimwear is – here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for your own:

  • Opt for thicker fabrics with a busy print – this will disguise any areas you’re uncomfortable with
  • Look for suits with interesting details – like cut-outs, lace up tops, off the shoulder necklines, exposed backs, etc. This keeps your look less swim team practice – more fashionista
  • As much as you may hate the idea at first, opt for a smaller cut bottom and higher cut on the hips – you might feel like a Kardashian, but I promise you that this cut will be the most flattering and elongate you from head to toe

You can shop a few of my favorite suits below:

Snake Print Suit | ASOS 

Mara Hoffman Lattice Suit | ASOS

Bouquet Suit | iShine365

Ladder Cut-out Suit | Forever 21 

Strappy Suit | Target


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