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In college, my go-to night out look was always a bodycon dress, but thankfully my taste has changed, and I gravitate towards fit-and-flare dresses with unique details for a night on the town. This dress pretty much nails it in everything I look for in a going out dress – comfortable, flattering, and definitely a stand out piece.

When you’re wearing a dress with as many cut-outs as this one, plus an exposed back, you’ve got to get strategic about what type of bra you’re wearing. I’m lucky that in that I’m pretty flat-chested, so I don’t have to worry about support, but I still like to make sure I’m covered up in the case that I have a wardrobe malfunction. My go-to for any plunging neckline are Fashion Form’s petals – way more effective than bandaids, and way less painful to peel off the next morning. Unfortunately, the petals aren’t reusable, but they’re super inexpensive and you get 3 to a pack. I pick mine up at Bed Bath and Beyond while I’m shopping for toiletries (seriously the cheapest place in DC to get shampoo, lotion, deodorant, etc.) or the rare time that I venture to a Target in the suburbs.

If my outfit is just backless and not super low-cut, I like to opt for “sticky boobs” or more tastefully referred to as adhesive bras. Super comfortable and you can adjust them to achieve the type of cleavage you want – warning they do start to peel off when it’s hot out and you sweat! These are reusable and you can actually wash but DON’T put them in the dryer! I pick mine up at Target and WalMart.

Dress | Nasty Gal (similar)

Shoes | LuLu*s

Bag | Rebecca Minkoff

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