Cutoffs + Converse


For a coffee date with two of my blogger pals, then a few rounds of Top Golf, I opted for my weekend summer uniform of cut-offs and Converse. You’re probably getting sick of seeing these shorts since I wear them every weekend, but I swear they were the best $62 I’ve ever spent at Urban Outfitters!

To add a little bit of edge to an otherwise girly top, I added a homemade choker to my ensemble and my favorite fringe bag. 90s-inspired chokers are a huge trend right now, and one that I totally rocked back in the day. Instead of spending $16 on a piece of fabric, I go totally old school and steal a DYI trick that my dance friends and I always used to do – cutting a thin strip of fabric from a pair of tights. It sounds totally weird, but I swear you can’t even tell that it’s pantyhose when it’s on!

Top | H&M

Shorts | Levi’s

Sneakers | Converse

Bag | South Moon Under (similar)

Thanks to Dani from Blonde In The District for snapping these pics for me! 

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