City Girl in the Country (Kinda)


I go through phases of music genres like I go through phases of my personal style. There was the time in college where I was obsessed with rap and wore body-con dresses, that lovely phase where I would only listen to alternative bands and decked myself out Pac Sun and Hot Topic graphic tees (sorry, mom), and right now I’m into Indie music and a bit of an edgier meets boho look. One thing will always stay the same though, there’s nothing like cowboy boots and a country concert in the summer.

Fun fact – these cowboy boots are from 8TH GRADE. I don’t know what compelled me to beg my mom for a pair when I was 14, but I do remember that everyone made fun of me when I wore them to school. Well haters, I’m one of the few people that didn’t have to run out and buy boots for WMZQ because these bad boys have had a permanent spot in my closet for over 10 years. I used to wear these boots a lot with dresses in college and when I first moved into the city, but now I keep them reserved mostly for music concerts. (Honestly, it’s kind of hard to walk on uneven city sidewalks in them because of their long pointy toes.)

I try to go to at least one country concert each summer and this year it was The Band Perry at Wolf Trap – *raise your hand if you have a major girl crush on Kimberly.* As soon as I got tickets I knew this was the outfit I was going to wear. I’ve worn this matching skirt and top set to both a Florida Georgia Line concert and WMZQ, so I guess you could say it’s my country concert go-to. I love matching sets because they give the illusion of a dress or romper, but the crop top and skirt combo makes the look a little more unique. I got this set at Urban Outfitters off the sale rack a few years ago, but I’ve linked some of my favorite matching sets below!

Forever 21



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