Bubbles & Bloggers Brunch Look


If you haven’t heard me rave about my Bubbles & Bloggers meet-ups before, you clearly don’t read my Instagram captions. Just kidding – but seriously I talk about these girls so much I feel like all of my followers must know about them! In case you’re a new follower or reader, Bubbles & Bloggers is a network of DMV area bloggers who meet up once a month to chat about the blogging world, exchange fashion tips, and overindulge in brunch food and drinks. If you’d like to be invited to the next meet up, shoot me a DM or email!

The morning of our last Bubbles & Bloggers meet up was one of those mornings you wake up completely disoriented and have approximately 60 minutes to get your act together before you have to be out the door. (In my defense, the night before was one of my best friend’s birthday parties.) I had an outfit in mind that I wanted to wear to the brunch, but it was just my luck that it wasn’t working for me that morning so I dove into my closet and pulled out the dress I wore on the same friend’s birthday party last year and threw it on.

One final check in the mirror as I walked out the door told me that this was NOT a daytime appropriate look, but I channeled my inner Carrie Bradshaw and decided to just go with it. (The woman is pretty much famous for her unreasonable daytime attire and sky high heels – hello tulle skirt in the opening SATC credits.) The gladiator sandals helped tone my look down a bit and I still felt a tad overdressed, but I figured if I couldn’t be overdressed in front of a bunch of bloggers than who was I kidding, they would probably embrace the nighttime look during the day.

Regardless, I love the fun print and asymmetrical hem on this dress and think that this color blue may be my new favorite color swatch. This dress is another one of my sale finds off the Urban Oufitters rack, but I’ve linked some similar options below!

Side note – our brunch was held at Bourbon, and I highly recommend it! The food was fantastic, the service was amazing, and the owners were insanely nice. Definitely worth the trip to Adams Morgan for it!

Urban Outfitters





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