Weekend Happy Hours


Who doesn’t love a good happy hour deal, especially on the weekend? I’m a little bit over the pregame parties on the weekends(*thinks of taking shots of Fireball and dies a little inside*), so I’m always on the hunt for new spots that offer Saturday and Sunday happy hours. I love going out, but don’t have an unlimited fun budget so I like to try and find a spot to catch a happy hour deal before dinner dates or bar hopping. Since weekend happy hours are a rarity in DC, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spots to save you the trouble of searching for your own!

Before I give away my cheap booze secrets – I wore this look to my ultimate happy hour spot, Chaplin’s, with a girlfriend last weekend which is why I’ve included outfit photos in this post. It was chilly enough last weekend to top of my slip dress with my go-to moto jacket and platform heels. BTW, if you go to Chaplin’s, order the Vegabond and thank me later.

DC Weekend Happy Hours


Chaplin’s | 1/2 off all draft cocktails, wine, and beer

Thally | $4 off all draft beers and speciality cocktails

Shaw’s Tavern | $5 house wines, $5 rail cocktails, 1/2 off select appetizers


Red Light |$4 pints, $6 mugs, $5 wine

Ghibellina | $6 cocktails, $5 wine, $4 drafts

Commissary | literally everything is $3 – $7 including apps

Logan Tavern | too many different discounts to list, but it’s extremely solid


Agora | Sunday Only: $4 beer, $6 wine, $7 house cocktails

Bar Dupont | $7 cocktails, $6 wine, $5 draft beer

Café Citron| assortment of discounted beers, margaritas, and cocktails

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