Rent The Runway


I have a tendency to dislike outfit repeating, which is great for my Instagram feed, not so great for my wallet. Fast fashion (think forever 21, H&M, Zara, etc.) is great for people who are on a budget but don’t like wearing the same thing multiple times – but when it comes to wedding attire sometimes I want a step up from a $25 dress. The solution? Rent The Runway. (BTW, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really think it’s a great solution!)

Think of Rent The Runway as an all-access pass to your stylish best friend’s closet, except that everything is in your size and comes with a price tag that retails upwards of $300. (If you have best friends with closets like this, then please, introduce me.)

The theory behind Rent the Runway is simple – you pick a dress you want to borrow, sign up to have it delivered to you the day before the event, then simply drop it off at UPS location the day after your event! No worries about dry cleaning – it’s all taken care of as part of the rental. Rent The Runway operates primarily as an online retailer, but we’re lucky enough to have one on M Street in Georgetown where you can try on ALL THE PRETTY DRESSES. Seriously, it’s like the adult version of playing dress-up. If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, you can chat with a stylist online who can help you pick the perfect frock from their vast collection of couture. Plus, you get two different sizes with your rental incase you accidentally deem yourself a size bigger than you really are. (Don’t you love when that happens?)

This was my second time using Rent The Runway and I tried on both dresses before renting them at the DC location. Both dresses were borrowed for weddings, and it was really fun to wear something with a designer label to the events! Plus, a dress as memorable as this Milly number can only be worn so many times. This dress retails around $400 but was mine for $65 (I had a 20% off code) for the occasion.

I highly recommend trying it out for your next special event, and hit up my girl Sam if you need to make an appointment at the DC boutique!

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