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As soon as I placed my order with Rose Wholesale for this stunning maxi dress, I knew I wanted to wear it to our September Bubbles & Bloggers meet up. (Shout out to Jia for these photos outside of Illusions of Georgetown!) More about the event later, I’m super behind on my event recaps this month but it will be up soon!

I’ve partnered with Zaful before, but had never heard of their sister site Rose Wholesale until my partnership contact told me about it. Think of Rose Wholesale as a Costco for clothes – aka the site retailers turn to to purchase items in bulk at a highly discounted price. I was shocked at how inexpensive everything was on the site – this dress was only $16.00! I had a hard time choosing what to order because there were so many items to browse on the website. I suggest pouring yourself a glass of wine and spending some time exploring the site so you have a chance to actually check out their inventory. Just as I suggested with Zaful and SammyDress, I would stick to shopping items where a model is wearing the pieces so you know how they fit on a person versus a flat lay.

Since my dress was being shipped from overseas, I received the same great tracking updates via text so I knew exactly when my package would arrive. When I got my package and tried on the dress I freaked out because  I didn’t see the fabric belt fall out on the floor and the dress DID NOT look like it did online and banished it to the Girl Cave (a room in my new place that I’ve turned into a sports-free safe haven.) A few days later I went back to the Girl Cave to try it on and found the belt on the floor and oh my gosh it made SUCH a difference. Moral of the story – belting a dress can seriously transform it. I got so many compliments from my blogger baes about this unique dress and I can’t wait to break it out again next spring! Shop the dress below:

Bohemian Plunge Neck Wrap Maxi | Rose Wholesale


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