Street Style with SammyDress


Full disclosure – I ordered this tunic a size too big in hopes that I could get away with wearing it as a dress and I was sorely off on my measurement guesses. However, it forced me to branch out and try a look that I never would have usually put together, and I’m pretty obsessed with the way it turned out!

I wore this SammyDress tunic with my trusty Levi’s for a girls’ outing to Union Market with my blogger fairy godmother, Dani, and I loved the juxtaposition of a dressier tunic with cutoff jean shorts. SammyDress is a sister site to Zafaul and I was super excited to partner with them because a) their styles are super unique and b) the prices are amazing! This tunic was only $17.00 but retails around $32.00 on SammyDress – that’s a pretty great discount.

Just like my shopping experience with Zafaul, my check out experience was seamless once I’d finally decided on what I wanted to order (their selection is insane – I spent an hour surfing their site!) and I got text message updates throughout the shipment process so I knew exactly when my order was going to arrive.

I can’t wait to style this tunic with my OTK boots and leather leggings once cooler weather rolls around, but I love that it’s a top that can carry me from the dog days of summer into the fall.

Tunic | SammyDress

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