Making The Most Of Your Summer Pieces


Photos by Dave Mentzer

I’m a summer girl. I love going to the pool, getting a tan, spending time outside, jean shorts, swingy dresses, sandals, tomatoes, corn – pretty much everything about summer except sweating while walking to the Metro. My summer items easily make up the largest portion of my wardrobe, just because I love the season so much. Since my closet is filled with floaty warm weather pieces, I try to make them stretch into fall as long as possible by layering my dresses and tops.

This blue open-back dress is one of my favorite summer dresses (It’s been a repeat brunch/date outfit) and by simply switching out my wedges for booties and tossing a sweater on top, I can easily take this dress into fall. I find that cropped sweaters look best when paired with a swingy dress to help keep the look proportional, and once you find a good cropped sweater the outfit combos are endless. (I love pairing this crop with high-waisted printed pants and my ripped jeans.)

When repurposing your summer pieces, opt for darker florals to avoid looking like you’re going to a garden party. Navy and white stripes translate well to fall, as well as paisley prints and polka dots. I’d steer clear of any neon or pastel patterns, but there really are no rules in fashion!

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but layering is key when taking your summer clothes to fall. A leather or jean jacket can seamlessly translate your look, as well as tossing on a scarf or putting a thin long sleeve tee under a slip dress (I haven’t tried this look but I’ve seen other fashion-forward gals pull it off effortlessly!) I’d steer clear of open toe shoes or sandals, but peep toe booties are a perfect transition piece!

Dress | Tobi

Sweater | H&M

Booties | H&M

Photos by Dave Mentzer


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