Flannels? For Fall? Groundbreaking.


Photos by Dave Mentzer.

All Devil Wears Prada quotes kidding aside, flannels are pretty much one of the most iconic fall pieces. I almost feel silly writing a post about them because they’re so easy to wear – but I’m really into this outfit and Dave Mentzer did a pretty fab job photographing it so here it is.

I didn’t get my first flannel till three falls ago – I used to actually strongly dislike them until I figured out how to style them to my personal taste. I have a smaller frame so sometimes loose button-downs make me look a little bit bigger than I am, which is why I was so opposed to them in the first place. I’ve found that pairing the plaid shirts with feminine pieces like waist-cinching skirts or a heel help glam them up a bit and that’s become my favorite way  to style them.

Another trick I like is tying up the ends, but this can quickly venture into cowgirl territory which is why I toughed this outfit up with the (p)leather skirt. I have yet to master the one tail in, one tail out tuck, but I’ve seen some other girls execute it flawlessly and that’s a good alternative to the tied-up look.

Lastly, another favorite trick is to button it up almost all the way to the top and then pair a statement necklace on the outside of your collar, which I think gives a pretty cool contrast against the laid-back pattern and fabric. You can see how I styled this tip here. (Moment of silence for my long hair from last year.)

But let’s face it, there’s some day when you just roll out of bed and pair your flannel with skinnies and your Converse and that’s okay too 😉

Top | Francesca’s

Skirt | Free People

Booties | Steve Madden




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