Puppies + Pinot


I’m a sucker for parody and humor Instagram accounts, so I’ve been following @WomenWhoLoveWine for awhile. Once I heard they were launching a clothing line, I was super excited, and even more excited when I came across this Puppies + Pinot tee! I’m a HUGE dog person and when I found out that the proceeds benefit Little Paws Of Love Rescue I knew I had to have it!

I’m an advocate of adopt don’t shop when it comes to pups – I used to heavily volunteer with the Washington Humane Society and have fostered 15 pups to date. This tee arrived days before I was set to puppy-sit my friend’s adorable Boston Terrier rescue baby, Pip, so I had to take advantage of the timing and do a little photo shoot with the precious little gal. (For more pics of Pip, follow my friend at @cevd on Insta.)

The tee is insanely soft and benefits a good cause – what more could you ask for!? Use code DAMSEL at checkout to get 20% off your own pup tee, or one of their other adorable tops before 12/31!

Puppies + Pinot | Shop Women Who Love Wine

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