Sweater Roundup with Rose Wholesale

Navigating discount sites can be tricky – you never know if the quality will be good, if the sizing will be right, or if it will look like it did online when you get it in the mail. Through my partnerships with discount sites Rose Wholesale, SammyDress, and Zaful, I’ve become pretty good at spotting  which items I’ll be happy with when I open my packages from the retailers. Read on for my favorite tops from Rose Wholesale that I think make the cut – I have two of them on the way!


  1. Textured Cold Shoulder – I’m really feeling this olive green color. This is one of the tops I have coming and I can’t wait to pair it with OTK boots and leather leggings!
  2. Turtleneck Sweater – blame it on the fact that the manfriend and I have been binging The Americans, but I’m really into the mod resurgence and this top just screams Elizabeth KGB member to me.
  3. One Shoulder Sweater – there are few things that look more effortless than an off-the-shoulder sweater. Bonus points for styling it with a choker.
  4. Baseball Bandage Sweater – one of the biggest trends I’ve seen lately are lace-up tops. Loosen up the laces for a casual look with a hint of sex appeal or keep it tied up for a more conservative vibe.
  5. Geometric Cardigan – I LIVED in my open front tribal print cardigan last year. They’re so easy to throw over a tee on your way out the door or to pair with a loose tank during a Netflix and chill night.
  6. Cut-Out Ripped Sweater – not sure why, but I’m really drawn to the burnout details in this sweater. The color screams fall to me and honestly it just looks hella cozy.

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