Aprés Ski, Anyone?


I just got back from an amazing trip to Aspen with the manfriend and his family and I am so excited to tell you all about it! I’m working on putting together a guide of all the things to do, see, eat, and drink in the quaint Colorado town, but for now I’m going to give you the downlow on what to pack so you nail the ski bunny and Aspenite style.

The manfriend’s family makes an annual trip to Aspen and I got to tag along for the first time last year. As someone who had never been to a ski town, I was shocked when Gerald told me that everyone wore casual clothes after skiing and for bopping around town. I’d heard all the stories about the designer stores and fine furs that other visitors donned, so I was convinced that he was just “being a silly boy” and was wrong. A text to his mom solidified his recommendation and boy, am I glad I left the heeled boots at home that year. I had a much easier time packing for my second year, so in case you’re heading out on your own skiing trip soon, I wanted to share my packing tips with you!

  • Casual is key – I lived in sweaters like this adorable lace-up one from Rose Wholesale. If you’re like me, you don’t dress down too often for going out to drinks and dinner, so I opted for sweaters with special details like these grommets and lace-up front to feel more dressed up
  • No heels – the highest heel I packed were my snowboots. As someone who thrives in heels, it physically pained me to not pack at least ONE bootie. In retrospect, the sidewalks and roads are mad icy. I only packed an astounding three pairs of shoes for an eight day trip! My snowboots, UGGS, and flat OTK boots made the cut
  • Leggings > pants all day – if you want to experiment with athliesure, this is the place. Almost everyone can be spotted donning leggings for aprés ski and/or dinner. I prefer to wear workout leggings under my snowpants in lieu of long underwear so it was easy to strip down to them and toss on a cute sweater or fleece over them for breakfast or drinks after the slopes
  • Bring your finest furs – just kidding, kind of. Fur is HUGE in Aspen. The town draws a pretty large crowd of wealthy folks who don full length furs for their strolls around town. For obvious reasons ( $$ and veg), I don’t pack a fur coat, but I have packed my fur vests to toss over my flannels and tees for dinner

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Sweater | Rose Wholesale

Boots | Sorel

Jeans | TopShop

Bag | Rebecca Minkoff 


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