Galentines With Galley Foods



Raise your hand if watching The Bachelor is one of your guilty pleasures. Glad to see I’m not alone. While I’m not as diehard of a fan as some of the gals in Bachelor Nation, I do enjoy watching the ridiculousness on Monday nights with wine in hand. Cue to when Galley Foods reached out to me to host a girl’s night with their delivery service — I immediately know that a Monday night Bachelor viewing would be the perfect backdrop. I even decided to turn it into a mini Galentines Day party, mostly because I wanted an excuse to raid the $1 bins at Target for cute decorations, but also because I already have a squad that I watch the show with so it was easy to coordinate! 

If you’ve never ordered from Galley Foods, it’s a great option for easy dinners. While it is a meal delivery service, it’s not like Blue Apron or HelloFresh where you receive a box full of ingredients and you make the meal yourself. Galley delivers one off dinners or family style meals which are pre-cooked —not frozen! You pop the meal in the oven for about 10 minutes, plate, and then you’re good to go! The meals are made from scratch every day so the menu changes daily and there’s always something new to try. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they always offer a vegetarian option in addition to kid’s meals. The app makes it super easy to place an order and the best part is that delivery and tip is included in the price of your meal. 

Two of my friends ordered the BBQ meatballs, one ordered the Maryland crab cakes, and I opted for a squash, apple, and goat cheese ravioli. Of course, we ordered a bottle of wine, too! We all enjoyed our meals and said we would look into using the service again as a shakeup to our typical takeout orders (looking at you, fellow Thai food takeout repeat offenders.) 

You can try Galley out yourself with this link for $5 off of your first order! Let me know what you think!

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