I Just Wanna Do Hoodrat Things With My Friends


Photos By Dennis Turbeville

This outfit brought to you by one of my weird impulse moods. After an off day at work I found myself at Forever 21, searching for a replacement to my favorite brown suede skirt (RIP. She had a good run) and while I had no luck in finding a dupe, I quite literally ran into this hoodie dress hanging by itself on a rack. Already in a weird mood and clearly not finding what I was there for, I figured “why not”, grabbed it and headed to the dressing room. Part of me was hoping that I’d hate it on because the idea of a hoodie dress is so ridiculous, but of course, I loved it and after checking the tag and seeing it was only $14*, I figured I had to get it. The Forever 21 gods were on my side and my weird fashion choice was validated when it rang up to only $7!

I strategically wore this to a brunch at ambar with one of my closest girlfriends because I was planning on eating all the things, and you bet we did. I’m ashamed, alarmed, and slightly proud to admit that we ordered EVERY SINGLE DESSERT ON THE MENU. I am an animal. Moral of the story, if you’re going to ambar wear something that will hide your inevitable food baby. 

I don’t usually go for “street style” and I’m not going to lie, I felt very “model off duty” in this look and I was pretty into it. I don’t know how many more athliesure/streetwear items you’ll see incorporated into my wardrobe but it’s definitely something I can see myself having fun experimenting with! 

*Disclaimer – I’m fairly sure that my dress was marked down so much because there are two slight red pen marks on one of the sleeves 

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Dress | Forever 21

Boots | Steve Madden

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