Thrifting With thredUP


I love the thrill and the chase of digging though racks of clothes to find the perfect piece, but I’m not going to lie — thrifting is hard work. While there is something fantastic about shuffling through vintage pieces on endless racks, it can be exhausting and not to mention, super disappointing when you find a great item but it’s not in your size.

Enter thredUP, an online fashion resale site that functions as a thrift shop and a spot to sell your gently used clothes. I first used thredUP to sell clothes when I was in the process of moving into my studio before the manfriend and my leases lined up. The process is super simple, the company sends you a polka dot bag, you fill it with your gently used (or new!) items you’d like to sell, and then ship it off! Once the bag reaches thredUP, their team sorts through your items and either deems it sellable or a prime piece for charity — similar to the process that you’d go through if you were taking clothes to Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet except with the added bonus to donate your clothes that they don’t want to feature in the online boutique! I’ve sent over two massive bags of clothes and made about $9 for each bag, but granted most of the pieces were from Forever 21 or H&M so the payouts made sense. Obviously, nicer items for for more money, but you also have the option to have an item shipped back to you if you don’t agree with their selling price. I recently went online to order a new bag for the massive closet cleanout I did a few weeks ago and was bummed to see that they are now charging a $9 processing fee to send in a bag (it used to be free) but it’s definitely a great option if you  would like to donate clothes and don’t have easy access to a Goodwill.

On the flipside, the online shop is filled with TONS of clothes that you can shop! If you’re not into used clothing, you can sort items by “new with tags” or “like new condition” which is what I did. I managed to score this faux fur jacket for just $19, originally valued at $70! I also snagged a super soft, brand new workout top for $11. Another thing I like about shopping on the site is that you can filter items by your size, so you don’t accidentally fall in love with an item that you can’t really have. Added bonus? First time shoppers get 40% off their first purchase!


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