Fall Bucket List


I walked into my local Giant last weekend and nearly walked right back out the door after seeing that they had started selling pumpkins in the flower section. I don’t strongly dislike fall – it’s actually a lovely time of year – but I’m a summer girl through and through and I start to miss the sun the second that September rolls around. I wait until the last second possible to pull out my fall and winter clothes and try to maximize my warm weather clothing until the temps drop. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think this Zaful palm print romper is going to last more than another week, and I’m so bummed I only got to wear it once this summer. (Don’t worry, I’ve already mentally packed it in my Seaside bag for next May!) I’m 98% sure this is actually a swimsuit cover up, but I feel like anything goes in the summer! One thing I really liked about this romper was that the shorts were a little bit longer in the back than they were in the front so I didn’t have to worry about them covering my cheeks! I’m wearing a small for reference.

Since I’m so bummed about the changing of the seasons, I decided to make a fall bucket list to help make the transition easier. We’re headed to Asheville the first week of October, so that will definitely help, but this list is probably what’s going to help me get over my end-of-summer slump.

Fall Bucket List 

  • Go hiking: I don’t care if it’s the Billy Goat Trail or somewhere in Asheville, I haven’t been hiking in years and I feel like being out in nature and admiring the changing leaves will help make me feel better about it being fall


  • Visit a new winery: I recently created a winery bucket list, and I feel like I need to take advantage of all of the great Vineyards we have nearby! 


  • Clean out my closet: I NEED to get my act together and do a full seasonal clean up before I swap out my summer wardrobe for fall, but I want to do it right this time. I want to separate the nicer items I’ve only worn once or twice into one pile and put them up for sale either on Posh Mark or eBay and then donate the more used items directly to GoodWill or use ThredUp’s donation bag system 


  • Carve a pumpkin: Gerald and I had this on our to-do list last year, but for some reason we never got around to it. If we put it out on our stoop it will probably get smashed in 10 minutes, but I still think it would be a fun activity that I haven’t done since I was in high school 


  • Make a kick-ass Halloween costume: I was the QUEEN of theme parties in college and I missed out on dressing up for Halloween last year because my mom and I went to the ballet (which was amazing but didn’t require a costume) so I’m determined to make Gerald and I something awesome for our friends’ annual Halloween party 


Romper | Zaful

Sandals | TJ Maxx (similar) 

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