Tips For Shopping With Overseas Retailers


Okay first of all, I  need to tell you that I couldn’t get the song “Paparazzi” by Lady GaGa out of my head while I was editing these photos.  I felt like Caro was my personal paparazzi while we were shooting this dress!

While Caro was zipping me into this velvet number, she remarked that she was surprised at the quality of the dress, considering it was from an overseas online retailer. As a blogger partner of Zaful, SammyDress, and Rose Wholesale, I’ve had my fair share of orders from the overseas websites, and I can truly attest that I think the quality of their clothing has improved over the last 9 months that I’ve been working with them! I’ve personally placed some orders where the sizing was off or it looked different in the online photo, but I’ve become much better at picking out items from them, so I wanted to pass some tips along to you so you can snag some of their fun, trendy pieces at their stellar prices for yourself.

  • No model? Proceed with caution: it can be misleading when an item isn’t displayed on a model, be wary of purchasing items that are just shown on a hanger. I got lucky with my blue velvet cold shoulder top, but I ordered a dress that I thought was all the same length but had a major high-low hem that I couldn’t see because it wasn’t pictured on a model
  • Check the model stats: while I certainly don’t share the same body measurements as most of the models on retail sites, looking at their measurements can help me determine if I need to go up or down a size and it’s such a simple step to take to ensure a better fit!
  • Take a peek at the brand’s Instagram: what’s a better gauge than a model? A real life person! Check the Zaful, SammyDress, or RoseWholesale hashtags and Instagram handles to see what the pieces look like on real live people. You’ll definitely see trending items so those are pretty much a safe bet!
  • Steaming can make a huge difference! I don’t personally own a steamer, but as soon as I get a package from one of the online retailers, I either hang it up in my bathroom to steam while I’m in the shower or toss the piece in my dryer with an ice cube (one of my favorite tricks!). The clothes are coming from pretty far away, so naturally they will be wrinkled. Don’t judge the article of clothing until you’ve smoothed them out

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