Blue Velvet


Photos by Dani of Blonde In The District

When I was in kindergarten, I distinctly remember being obsessed with a navy blue velvet dress -paired with shiny Mary Janes, of course – that my mom would let me wear for special occasions. The velvet trend quickly went out of style as I traded in velour party dresses for sparkly sweaters and skirts made out of God-knows-what from Limited Too. Fast forward 20(ish) years later and who would have thought that velvet would be having such a comeback and that I’d have a modern take on my 90s party dress in my closet! 

I could really be going out on a limb here, but my rationale is that in an age where we’re constantly on our phones and looking at things in 2D on our computer screens all day, we’re starting to crave richer textures in real life, and what’s softer than velvet? I have this creepy problem where when people wear soft things I instinctively reach out to touch them (whispers to self *these are humans not dogs*) and I seriously couldn’t stop petting the sleeves on this Zaful top! 

One of my 2017 fashion resolutions (you can view the whole list here) was to mix patterns and textures more and I didn’t even realize I did it in this outfit until one of my blogger friends pointed it out in a photo. (I’m also following my resolution of mixing black and blue together!) This was totally one of those outfits that I threw together while in one of my weird moods but I love the way it turned out. I got these tights in college and they’ve been balled up in my drawer for the past four years but I think the way they added a bit of edginess to the soft velour top totally works. Adding some velvet into your wardrobe is the perfect way to start incorporating more textures into your style and it’s even better when the top is under $30! 

Shop My Look

Top | Zaful 

Skirt | ASOS (similar)

Tights | Betsey Johnson (similar)

Booties | H&M

Clutch | South Moon Under (similar)

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