Off The Shoulder Dress Round Up


In less than a month, the manfriend and I will be back in Seaside, Florida! (You can catch my recap posts from the trip here and here.) We went last year and had the best time so I’m super excited to go again. Of course, a trip to the beach means two things 1) I should probably stop eating all the candy from the office treat jar and 2) I’m going shopping.

I actually got my first off the shoulder dress (pictured above) in Seaside last year when the trend was really starting to kick off, and this spring the trend is back and better than ever. Since everyone is wearing the feminine silhouette, I’ve rounded up some unique finds that have differentiating details so you won’t be wearing the same dress as the girl next to you at the rooftop bar. Psst, if you’re looking for some affordable finds, click here!

Happy shopping!

Screen shot 2017-04-17 at 11.26.01 PMScreen shot 2017-04-17 at 11.27.41 PM

  1. High Low Striped Off The Shoulder Dress | Zaful: I love the almost masculine inspired shape and pattern with the feminine neckline on this bold piece
  2. Embroidered Off The Shoulder Dress | Zaful: embroidery is another one of season’s hottest trends, nail two birds with one stone in this number
  3. Midnight Rose Dress | fab’rik: you guys know I can’t resist a black floral and the dark colors stray away from the typical pastels and chambray patterns you typically see in this type of dress
  4. Calin White Off The Should Dress | Shoptiques: how many off the shoulder dresses do you find corset detailing on!? Something about this just really intrigues me
  5. Off The Shoulder Ruffles Mini Dress | Zaful: do I even need to comment on this one? The sleeves say it all
  6. J. Lo Embroidered Off The Shoulder Dress | Kohl’s: I really just picked this dress because it’s from J.Lo’s line. Just kidding. Statement sleeves, check, embroidery, check, dark florals, check! Why don’t I have this?


This post was a collaboration with Zaful

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