Twin Ray Tops Are Bae


Whelp, Twin Ray Apparel has done it again — I am obsessed with their Naomi top. So obsessed, that I ordered it for one of my best friend in white anddd I also got it in nude for myself. White off-the-shoulder tops are a summer staple every girl needs in her wardrobe and I love how unique this piece is! Fun fact: I had to have Gerald tie the sleeves for me, but I think he did a pretty good job! (See the other Twin Ray top I’m obsessed with here.)

One precaution about a white top – especially ones that touch your neck – is that inevitably you are going to get makeup on it. I wear a shit-ton of bronzer, so I always get orange gunk on my white tops! My secret weapon to get the makeup stains out is OxiClean — yes, that laundry stuff from the annoying informercials of our childhood. The stuff is seriously amazing and practically removes every trace of makeup! I also use it on sweat, coffee, and wine stains and it is magical. 

Before you ask, the sleeves ARE attached, but the choker is not and ties in the back. Personally, I think that the choker makes the top, but it’s nice to have the option to not wear it for a different look! I wore this outfit to a cocktail party at the House of Glam (aka Glass Of Glam‘s adorable apartment) where we drank entirely too much champagne but it was the perfect look for a fun night. Side note, all of our men (aka Instagram husbands) came too and are now friends and it was so much fun to see them goof around together! Shop my look below! Psst, get 10% off all Twin Ray Purchases with code DAMSEL10.

Shop My Look: 

Top | Twin Ray Apparel

Shorts | Forever 21

Shoes | Target (super old, but I’ve linked a similar pair!) 

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