Palm Print Party Dress


Are you sick of seeing palm print on my feed yet? Good, cause I’m not done wearing it this summer.

Fun story: I wore this SammyDress dress out for a dinner date with my sista twin and her husband (where the boys literally ignored us all night long and talked golf) at Cafe Milano. This is not the type of dress you wear to Cafe Milano. You wear a turtleneck dress to Cafe Milano. My friend is a gorgeous platinum blonde, and I honestly think that people thought we were Playboy Bunnies trying to meet rich politicians. It was really funny, but also super awkward. The story escalates. After our extremely overpriced dinner (I’ll stick to Red Hen and Centrolina for my Italian restaurants, thanks) we went to Old Glory, because that’s what you do when you are in Georgetown.

After a few drinks, a rather intoxicated woman came up to me and literally stuck in hand in my keyhole and proceeded to ask where my dress was from—that’s not even the part that weirded me out. She then stated that she needed to know where my dress was from because she was on the hunt for “sexy critter dresses.” Of course, we had to know what a “sexy critter dress” was. She went on to explain that the man she thinks, hopes, is her boyfriend was taking her to Hamptons and she needed a “critter” dress a la Lilly Pulitzer to wear up there, but she couldn’t find any “sexy” ones. At this point, my friend and I nearly doubled over from laughter, but we had to encourage the conversation because it was so entertaining. After some discourse, we all arrived at the conclusion that YES, the women of the Hamptons do need a place where they can purchase sexy critter dresses, and encouraged our new friend to launch her own business creating these. By the way, a “critter”, we learned is a lobster or a fish. So keep an eye out, all you Hamptons ladies!

While we’re all waiting for this new line of critter dresses to come out, you can shop my palm print frock below.

Dress | Sammy Dress

Shoes | Target (similar)



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