Rompin’ Into A Food Coma


I’m a sucker for comfy clothes that make you look pulled together and this Sara Boo romper definitely meets that criteria. This was my first time ordering with Sara Boo, and the quality of the fabric and the special details make this romper stand out to me. While these shorts are a little longer than I typically wear (I’m a daisy duke girl) they get bonus points because they have pockets! I also really appreciated that the shorts were lined with a black fabric to help combat the sheerness that comes with white bottoms. The best part? I’ve teamed up with Sara Boo to offer you 20% off their entire site! Use code COLLIE20 at checkout! 

I wore this for a pizza and movie date night with the manfriend and was very pleased that the forgiving silhouette allowed me to indulge in pizza, popcorn, and gelato. Yes, I’m aware that I am an animal. I’m pretty embarrassed to admit this, but I fell asleep during the movie! If that doesn’t prove how comfy this romper is, than I don’t know what will. Full disclosure, Gerald tricked me into seeing a documentary that I thought was a drama based on a real story so that’s partially why I fell asleep, but we could probably chalk it up to a bit of a food coma!

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Romper | Sara Boo

This romper is courtesy of Sara Boo. 

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