Fresh Wave Favorites


I constantly joke that I was a dog in my former life because I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell. Whether it’s a coworker heating up something unsavory in the the office microwave, or a whiff of myself after the gym, I swear the smell is 50% stronger to me than it is to the people around me. As a result of my hyper-sensitive nose, I’m super conscious of how my apartment smells, and I’m so happy that I’ve found a product that helps get rid of overwhelming smells and contains no harmful ingredients.

I was first introduced to Fresh Wave last winter, and I was delighted to learn that the odor removing products are both effective and all-natural. The fact that they are made of only water and a proprietary blend – including natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood – means that they’re completely safe and a much healthier alternative to standard odor-removing products that are chock-full of chemicals. When I say safe, I mean that if a pet or little one got a hold of one of the products, they’d be perfectly fine!

My favorite products are the candle, spray, and odor removing packsWhen we have guests over, I like to the light the candle and leave it in the bathroom to help keep the bathroom smelling fresh as multiple people use it, plus it looks cute on my bar cart! Since I freak out when my apartment smells like food, I like to use the spray after cooking items like eggs to help cover up the greasy scent. Of all of the Fresh Wave products, my favorite is the odor removing packs. I hide them EVERYWHERE, including Gerald’s gym bag, shoes, and his laundry basket. I also use them in my workout sneakers to help neutralize sweat.

The best part? Fresh Wave was founded by a woman. 10/10 recommend this brand!

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